• The Music Network is open to all on Thursday 24th June 2010

    The Meeting will be lead this month by Mark Badger from 4pm til 6pm at Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham, B4 7XG

  • I work as a Driver / Tour Manager and help bands find just about everything else tour related.

    I am a Driver / TM and I can find the best Vehicle for your tour (Splitter, Gear Van, Car, Minibus etc)

    Email or Call for more info: Mark: (+44) O7974-746-8IO

    I can also help you with: Merchandise, Production, Backline, Crew, Rehearsal, Recording, Press, Promotion.

    Most of my work is based around Driving and or Tour Management in the Music Industry but I have also worked with the Theatre and Film Industry.

    I have played in all sorts of bands myself over the years, I’ve organised 1000’s of gigs in Birmingham, I’ve set up tours, managed bands, put together press kits, pr and promotion strategies, worked out online strategies for artists big and small, i run a record label, and i’ve dealt with all sorts of madness along the way. I’ve taken a lot of people to a lot of gigs from small venues, squats, warehouses, TV and Radio Stations to major music venues and festivals.

  • Police Bastard, Selfless and War/System
    Sunday 27 June 2010 at 8:00pm
    The Old Wharf
    21 Oxford St.
    Digbeth, Birmingham B55NR
    United Kingdom
    Iron Man Records, Monkey Business, Ovation Music Management, Musoplex Studios and Badger Promotions are proud to present a Money Burning Live Music festival of Punk, Metal and Crust Music:

    Police Bastard will be playing songs from the new CD “It’s Good To Hate…” (Iron Man Records 2010) and a selection of tunes from Traumatized and perhaps a few choice covers too.

    Selfless will be supplying addicts with some 4 piece insane politically and socially charged hardcore punk crust grindcore lying somewhere between Black Flag/Heresy/Discharge…and War/System will be greeting punters with their own brand of political punk metal crust. The gig will be free to get in but we may have to pass a glass round at some point to find some cash to pay the sound engineer.