• Devil In the Detail – The Nightingales (Single, 2005)
    This is The Nightingales flexing their muscles, going for an almost Pistols-like power, whilst Robert Lloyd adopts an almost Iggy-like drawl on top of it all. My Single of 2005.

    Rocket Pool Via Rough Hills – The Nightingales (Out Of True LP, 2006)
    Silver Machine-like noises over an Eddie Cochran riff and a beat to die for from their then new drummer Daren Garrett. Wonderful stuff!

  • Music Supported Here is a new movement from the Musicians’ Union.
    It’s a campaign for all musicians.

    It’s about the simple but important principle that musicians should
    not get ripped-off in the digital world.

    For musicians, it will be a way to publicise and debate the issue
    and to remind fans that you want to control your rights.

    It’s a platform for musicians to raise their profile and direct their fans to
    their own stores and websites: a source of music controlled by the musicians.

    And for music fans it’s a way to say that you don’t rip-off musicians.

    By supporting musicians' rights, we’re supporting music.

  • The new Life in A Blender site now includes a storefront where you can buy all the band's music, in physical or digital form.

    Check out the rarities on Mysterious Floating. Songs you never thought or wished existed–now you can own them!

    You can also stream the entire catalog in case you like to try before you buy. Our music is available at iTunes, Amazon, etc, but directly from our website is the… best deal for you and for us, so come on by.

    Visit the site often for news about shows and exclusive goodies. For instance, right now we're giving away a FREE (or pay-what-you-wish) download of a brand-new recording, HOOT OWL, from our forthcoming full-length album.

    Buy some stuff and you'll play a mighty role in helping us finish our new CD and you'll be awesome!!

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