• I have a weird relationship with Last Under The Sun. I love the idea, the lyrics and artwork, but have never found them an easy listen.

    Considering most of them are in Police Bastard they are much more melodic than you’d expect, but over the years their sense of melody and the superbly-crafty songs have slowly, but surely grown on me.

    The vocals do not make the listening experience any easier. They hold an almost spoken word quality about them that breaks into a shout on songs such as Summers Day and, again, they may take a while to grow on you.

  • A fiver for a new Police Bastard EP and DVD which clocks in at well over an hour is a bargain you really can’t do without. The fact it’s released as a tribute to Trogg, who used to play bass for the band, but sadly died in 2008 is another reason, should you need one, to part with your ill-gotten cash.

    The third reason is it’s bastard good.

    The five-track CD contains a Mob cover (I Wish), which I much prefer to the original (never really got into The Mob), the fucking awesome hardcore punk of God Off and the infectious riff of The Lie. Before this week, Poundaflesh and Slipknot’s Iowa CD were my “pissed off” albums – you know those CDs you play to exorcise all that pent up brutality and fury, now there’s a third CD to add to the list!

    I guess, for those who haven’t heard the band, Poundaflesh isn’t a bad reference point – those and Doom will do, if you must have lazy comparisons.

    It’s fucking well produced and tight as fuck too.