• Iron Man Records, Musoplex Studios and Badger Promotions present a Money Burning Live Music Event of Metal, Punk and Crust Music:

    Korrozao (Sepultura meets Slayer)
    + Selfless (members of Police Bastard, Last Under The Sun, I Am Colossus, Rivers Edge) 4 piece insane politically/socially charged hardcore punk crust grind band.Lying somewhere between Black Flag/Heresy/Discharge…
    support to be confirmed

    The show is free and wishes to raise awareness for the No One Is Illegal Network: http://punkillegal.com/about/no-one-is-illegal-sweden

    The network No one is illegal acknowledges no national borders, except as a political idea, in which we have no moral obligation or interest in accepting or upholding. A person born in one place has no greater rights to it than anyone else. This must not end as a vision, but must be practised. PASS IT ON