• Punk Britannia with Paul H Podcast: Midlands Special with tracks by Bands from Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Stoke, Derby and more…..This is Show number 7 of Punk Britannia on Californian Internet Radio Station www.punkrockdemo.com streamed on Thursday 11pm to Midnight (California time), Friday 7am-8am (UK time) 27/28 May
    1 Police Bastard Erosion
    2 R.A.M-M.A.N Is this the queue for Insurrection
    3 Alcohol Licks Pjamma
    4 War/System Overlord (remix)
    5 Girlfixer Casualty Condemn Me
    6 Officer Down You Decay
    7 Drongos For Europe No Way
    8 Drongos For Europe this town
    9 Drongos For Europe Contaminated
    10 The Heels Skalloween
    11 First Time Riot Agenda 21
    12 Mispelt 2.0 Friends Like You
    13 Fight-Back Dole Q Rocker
    14 Rising Strike Force of Habit, Habit of Force
    15 Fun House Robots Famine in the UK 2027 – 4_98
    16 Last Under The Sun Bring Me Their Heads
    17 D'Corner Bois Everything's A Mess
    18 The Septic Psychos Still Haunting Me
    19 The Specials Gangsters