Here is some feedback on your answers to “10 Questions for Birmingham’s Independent Music Industry” from Sue at Birmingham City Council.

Sue says: Councillor Ernie Hendricks and James Burkmar have asked me to forward the email below on their behalf.

Dear Colleague

In the interests of staying in touch with you all.

Following on from our event last month at the Orange Studios (and thanks again to all those who attended), we are completing a number of short interviews with people to finish this stage of the consultation.

A clear picture is emerging of strengths, specialism, opportunities and needs across the city.

On Monday 22nd February, we held a similar event to the one with the stakeholders. We won’t go into it now, but the attendance from Birmingham City Council, Advantage West Midlands, UKTI, Business Link and others was excellent. The session was forward-looking, open and honest.

What we would like you to know is that the ideas and thoughts you expressed proved to be a powerful critical stimulus for their thinking – attendees found the session useful and were candid about how their thinking had been informed, with some saying openly their view of the sector had changed as a result. The value of dialogue perhaps…

In essence, the sector came across as positive in the extreme, ambitious, innovative, entrepreneurial and balancing a strong artistic and commercial focus.

What happens now?

It will take about a month to complete a short and hopefully punchy report which will make recommendations for action and development.  You will be provided with copies.

We are sure you’re aware, but both Birmingham Music Network and Capsule are running surveys/blogs related to this area of interest – please contribute to the discussion if you feel able.

James Burkmar and Councillor Ernie Hendricks
Planning, Evaluation, Facilitation – Joining things up for the Creative Sector
(James 07736 709350)