• This just in to The Music Network from our good friends….. As many of you will recall a cache of lost and forgotten material was rediscovered during Jimmy’s house move early last year.

    Some of the tracks were liberated by The Junior Insurgent Transmitter Ensemble for the soundtrack to the 2009 M25 Spin.

    We have produced a single track DVD sampler and will be giving it away to all the “spinners” joining us this year.

    The track featured is a unique version of the Pure Trance classic What Time Is Love and was recorded and performed by The KLF at the very first Helter Skelter illegal rave held on the 30th September 1989.

    We will be meeting up at Thurrock Service Station just off the M25 at 11am on Saturday 20th March 2010 and will be on the London Orbital Motorway until 1pm on Sunday 21st March.