• Tracklisting: Time For Your Leaving / Summers Day / Reversa / Those Who Speak / Painting Is Dead / The Don / The Shed / Lost Yourself / The Trolley Song / Out My Way / No One / Count To Ten / Colin Blakemore / David Icke / Backwards / Captain Of My Soul / Inside out

    Last under The Sun was put together in Birmingham by Mark Badger in 2000. The band has had several line up changes over the years. Last Under The Sun played its first gig on 9th October 2001, at Manhattens, Hereford, UK with Eggraid and Redshift. The band is based in Birmingham and plays a mixture of punk and hardcore. The band has played all over the place gigging up and down England, Wales and Scotland and in 2004 and 2005 the band went to mainland Europe visiting Holland, Belgium, France and Germany with Sensa Yuma. At the start of 2008 the band ended up working with Pid and Chris and toured Europe as half of the new line up of a reformed Police Bastard.