• There will be no meeting this month of The Music Network at the TEE.

    The Music Network Meeting will now be taking place on December 3rd at 4pm at Major Key Studios.

    The Music Network Meeting scheduled to take place on Thursday 26th November 2009 at the TEE has been moved to Major Key Studios as Creative Networks will not be meeting again until February and we have decided to honour repeated requests for a change of location. So, for those of you still confused the details are as follows

    The Music Network

    Meeting date: Thursday December 3, 2009
    Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    Location: Major Key Studios, The Public, New Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 7PG

    The Music Network is open to all

    Come and Join us, 4pm til 6pm at Major Key Studios, The Public, New Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 7PG Tel: 0121 533 7137

    If you have any involvement in music, come and talk about what you’re up to and meet some new people.

  • The Iron Man shop uses Ebay and sells Punk, Dub, Rock, Metal, Acoustic and Alternative music on CD, Vinyl, DVD and Video. It also sells Books, Comics and T-shirts.

    When I started going to Record Shops they were independent businesses, and prices could differ greatly from town to town, shop to shop. These days Record Shops, both online and off, are largely chain owned and prices are fairly similar regardless. The few independents that are left are finding it hard to stay alive but they provide an important outlet for new and interesting music.

    Everything for sale in the Iron Man Shop I have found direct from the bands themselves or distributors who offer items at reasonable prices. I only sell what I listen to myself, what I like and I what can recommend to you. Every item is brand new and most of the items are shrink wrapped. New items are added each week and I try to keep the prices as low as possible.