• ….the official web site of the incredible phenomenon
    that is ABBAGIRLS. They are the first and original
    Abba tribute duo (now also available as a four-
    piece band!) and are storming gigs through out the
    UK and abroad.
  • TERMINAL WAR was in the early days the guitarist's personal project, born several years ago and that has accomplished a demo in 2004. A real line-up emerged in 2007 and began to play live in 2008.
    The band has just finished engineering its first demo, 6 tracks long and entitled AEON CRUSH.
    Myriam – vocals
    Bertrand – guitar
    PèreFLOrateur – bass
    Hell Blastor – drums

    Influences: grindcore, noisecore, thrash, death metal, old black metal, crust, sludge, indus, ambient, psychedelic, speedcore, terror and all kind of terrorist and hallucinogenic musics

    Sounds Like: Napalm death, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Nasum, Rotten Sound, etc…

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  • What is music really worth? Sometimes it’s free. Sometimes you pay a few pence. Sometimes you pay a few pounds. Or you might even splash out more for a great musical experience.

    It’s a question that has puzzled experts for years. Economists, forensic accountants, business analysts and IP consultants spend hours poring over the figures. They analyse every 79p that’s spent, every subscription and they even look at the purchasing habits of consumers when music is providing a conducive environment for spending.

    The answer is to…..

  • The following countries still legislate or contemplate the death sentence for cannabis offences: Afghanistan, Borneo, Brunai, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, Somalia, sudan, Vietnam, Yemen
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  • On March 15, 1998, 14 NGO’s from Europe, Africa and Latin America met in Vienna, Austria, to prepare a common opinion towards the United Nations General Assembly’s Special Session on Drugs, that would take place 3 months later in New York. After many hours of debate, the result was the adoption of a Manifesto for Just and Effective Drug Policies. This Manifesto has since been signed by hundreds of organisations worldwide, and represents the vision of the International Coalition of NGOs for Just and Effective Drug Policies (ICN). In 2004, on the General Assembly of ENCOD in Copenhagen, it was decided to adopt the title of the Manifesto in ENCODs name: European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies.
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