• Katy Jay presents "The Weekend Wind-down", Sunday Evenings 10pm-midnight

    Katy Jay can be found on 101.8 WCR FM on Sunday nights at 10pm for "The Weekend Wind-down". In keeping with Katy's widening love of all genres of music and ever-broadening expanse of hobbies (including holistic therapy, parapsychology, art, writing, photography and music), 'The Weekend Wind-down' will not only concentrate on 120 minutes of chilled out vibes and glacial beats, it will also feature content along the lines of wellbeing, chilling out and de-stressing – subjects close to Katy's heart. She hopes to share these experiences with her listeners and guests alike can expect intelligent, thoughtful and sensitive commentary.

    In essence, 'The Weekend Wind-down' will integrate everything Katy is about as a personality and combined with a heady and passionate love of music, it can be said that Katy Jay has finally 'come home'… to WCR FM. Blessed be.

  • Second birthday show. This is the boss and musican, Magick aka Richard Temple ( the bass player on dogfood and the like)
    This is the show and an example of what he plays, unsigned talent and the signed heros

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