• Started in 1997, Iron Man Records is an independent record label based in Birmingham, England.

    Iron Man Records works with bands and acts who are committed to producing interesting new music on their own terms and has released recordings by:

    P.A.I.N, Dufus, Nightingales, Sensa Yuma, Last under the Sun, I.O.D, G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S, Pigfish, Less, and many more

    The label offers a number of music related services from Tour Management, Vehicle and Driver hire, and Legal Advice or Representation to Work Experience for people interested in working with music full time, Music Licensing, simple online strategy and The Music Network.

    The label also runs an online shop selling everything from cds to t-shirts, vinyl, dvds and video.

    The Label is run by Mark Badger and Kevan Tidy.