To keep you up to date on developments in Scotland, Dave Cross sent us this message after Go North:

“The Scottish Music Industry Association(SMIA) was launched at the Go North conference in Inverness. The SMIA has been many years in the making and has been developed by a team comprising many established leaders in the Music Industry – they will now form its initial Board. The outline objectives, structure and role of the Association was the subject of a feasibility study undertaken by the Scottish Arts Council (SAC) and published in 2005. The formation of the Association then received support of the Scottish Executive and in particular the MSP who Chaired the Cross Party Parliamentary Group on Contemporary Scottish Popular Music. The remit, and integration with local, national and international players was carefully planned and it had been hoped to begin recruitment in 05. The SMIA has this week been able to appoint an administrator, who will be based in the offices of the Scottish Music Centre (next to the City Halls) in Candleriggs, Glasgow.

They have also commissioned Ronnie Gurr, seasoned promoter of networking and coordination of music activity across Scotland, to embarking on a more thorough analysis of the needs and opportunities facing music across all its facets, both in terms of genres and business activity. The Association’s published remit is to act as a representative body promoting the growth of the Scottish music industry with a single, clear voice, supporting the full diversity of Scottish music enterprise in a fair and committed way.

Generator has been closely following and contributing to the processes leading to the SAC feasibility study and the commitment to create the inclusive representative body that was launched today.

Contact them @ The Scottish Music Centre – Candleriggs, Glasgow G1 1NQ Tel 0141 552 5222

info at

Download the PDF here: The Scottish Music Industry Association: Feasibility Study pdf