• Thursday 9th April: Paradox, dirty love, rage dc, social schism, self inflicted, jesus bruiser, fat cats, leading the charge, moral dilemma

    Friday 10th April: p.a.i.n, the kadt, trashcat, faintest idea, contempt, local madmen, the terrors, jonas first date, automads, rotten agenda, terminal decline, kilnaboy, dread messiah

    Saturday 11th April: left for dead, defcon zero, police bastard, dead subverts, active slaughter, r.a.m. m.a.n., 2 sick monkeys, rabies babies, section 13, the dead batteries, something more grotesque,

    Sunday 12th April: a.o.s.3, headjam, jimmy the squirrel, the extinguishers, the hostiles, the john plyer specials, captain black no stars, jakal, the apostates.

    (tags: newswire gigs)