• NIGHTINGALES new album INSULT TO INJURY out now on klangbad

    UK distribution by Cargo
    German distribution by Broken Silence

    This is a living, breathing beast of an album

    Boozy and deranged, Insult to Injury is how the new Franz record ought to sound
    VICE, UK

    Their freshest and most subtly intoxicating work to date

    They sound wired, edgy, boozy and as dangerous as ever, like a new band full of that energy that comes with those first moves and not a band who’ve been doing this since the start of punk. Robert Lloyd really shouldn’t be this good after all these years, should he?

    The new album from the ‘Gales is their finest for 27 years. Start here and work backwards

  • The new DUFUS album, “In Monstrous Attitude” is now available!

    It features a three piece band comprised of Seth Faergolzia, Anders Griffen and Alex Coronado, mixed and mastered by Kramer, with a 12 page comic style book of artwork by Jeffrey Lewis

    (tags: newswire dufus)
  • Moozim.com offers the opportunity for EVERY band and artist to have their own, fully functional website for just £3 per month and we think that’s great considering the price of web design and hosting!

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  • Mark E Smith described “the Midlands mentality” in ‘Kimble’. Robert Lloyd has always had that in spades, from the punk days of the Prefects to the Nightingales (first time round), through his Vindaloo label and solo career (remember the great ‘Power of the Anchor’ single?) and back again to the Nightingales, who reformed in 2004. Like Smith, Lloyd is the charismatic frontman/ choirleader/ taskmaster who makes it all happen for his band and I’m pleased to report that Insult to Injury is probably as good as the Nightingales have ever been. It’s certainly, by some distance, the best of their post-reformation albums, with the same maverick mix of post-punk, Krautrock, skronky Beefheartian rhythms, rockabilly looseness plus Lloyd’s poetic observations on the absurdity of everyday life……
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