• Helping The Peace Movement by Yoko Ono
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  • A music networking organisation, leading the way by working with the local community to stimulate growth, inspire, and share knowledge. We offer practical based industry experience and are not genre specific. The Music Network has pulled together a community of independent music organisations, based in the West Midlands. Established in 2000, we offer access to some of the most innovative and exciting new contemporary music being produced today.
  • Dufus will be on tour in support of their new album “In Monstrous Attitude,” released on ROIR, NYC (Bad Brains, Dub Trio, Television) in 2009. They will be touring this Spring and Autumn through Europe with a Summer tour through the US.
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  • MDA (Music Development Agency) is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to enhance and improve the creative economy and music practice across merseyside and throughout the North West region
    . Funded in 1996, MDA has developed over the years and now provides a number of services including enterprise development in the creative industries through to supporting music-making opportunities for young people.
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  • Established in 2004, Brighton Music Network is a network of people working in the music industry in Brighton & Hove.

    It aims to:

    * support the further development of the music industry infrastructure locally with the help and guidance of a coalition of independent music companies
    * promote the Brighton music scene as an important part of the local economy
    * raise the profile of Brighton as a base for brilliant music artists, facilities and professionals

    BMN is both a business-to-business network and an official Music Support Agency in the South East of England. It works across the BN postcode area and is Brighton-based, working to enhance the city's music profile nationally and internationally, and to develop an infrastructure that encourages musical creativity by further fostering a cooperative business environment.

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  • About

    The Bristol Music Foundation was formed in response to the increased awareness of government and non-governmental organisations of the need to invest in the Creative Industries sector at national, regional and local level.

    The BMF was established in 2005 by a group of like minded music industry professionals that were committed to creating an organisation that would protect the future of the music sector in Bristol and the South West, provide a dynamic link to the national and international music industry, and drive the sectors engagement with regional and national industry and government agenda.

    The BMF is dedicated to skills development, education and training, the provision of support, information and advice, and to encouraging partnerships and networks in the region.

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  • Generator is a voluntary organisation run by a committee of people who are elected annually at an open meeting. The committee tends to be made up of people who are in some way working in the music industry in the North of England and who are willing to put time into Generator, to use their experience and contacts, to attend regular progress meetings and to argue for improvements to the opportunities for the music and musicians of the North.
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