STOP THE WAR National Demonstration: Saturday 10th January 2009 – PASS it ON
Assemble Hyde Park: March to Israeli Embassy High St Kensington, London
Join the national demonstration: Stop the War is asking all its local groups outside of London to book coaches or arrange other transport to help make this the biggest demonstration yet seen in this country.
Mass slaughter and devastation in Gaza shows barbarity has no limits. Half of Gaza’s one and a half million people are children, dozens of whom have been killed or injured. Hospitals in Gaza are overflowing with dead and wounded while facing severe shortages of essential medical supplies and spare parts.
The full horror of war crime is not being shown by the British media. Stop the War has been sent these pictures which capture what happens when the fourth most powerful military in the world unleashes its arsenal of terror on people trapped in the most densely populated area in the world. 

500 dead. Thousands injured. United States blocks UN call for carnage to stop.
This ground attack is intended to turn Gaza into killing fields. Within hours of troops entering Gaza, hospitals reported that 23 people had been killed and that twenty of them were civilians.
Demonstrations across the world call for an immediate stop to the carnage. Every country in the world bar one wants the killing and destruction to stop now. But just as it did in the Lebanon War in 2006, The United States has given the green light to Israel to intensify its barbarism.
The US is blocking all UN diplomacy for an immediate ceasefire with the tacit compliance of the British government, which calls for an immediate ceasefire while at the same time endorsing America’s refusal to allow any discussion in the United Nations to achieve this end.
When Israel broke the six month ceasefire on November 4, it was the trigger for this long planned invasion, deliberately timed for the last few weeks of George Bush’s presidency and a few weeks before Israeli elections, in which all the leading politicians are competing as to how many Palestinians they can kill.
Stop the War, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, British Muslim Initiative, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament are organising continual protests in the next week, culminating in a national demonstration marching to the Israeli Embassy in London on Saturday 10 January.
We urge all of our supporter to do all keep informed about our activities via out website and by subscribing to our regular newsletters. Everyone who is shocked and outraged by Israel’s barbarity, and the prospect of hundreds more Palestinian civilians being killed by the fourth most powerful military in the world, should commit themselves to helping mobilise for the protests in the coming week and for making the national demonstration on Saturday 10 January the biggest yet seen in this country for the freedom of Palestine. 
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