This just in…..We’re pleased to announce….. has just gone live…..

1. The Gown EPK film (Electronic Press Kit) is finally ready.  We’ve spent several months this year making this as an introduction to Jo and Gown for those who don’t already know her, and in case you were wondering what we have been doing, this is one of the main reasons we put the release date of the album back – we wanted to get it right.   Much of the footage was shot by Jo herself in Europe during her travels, and we think it’s exquisite.  If you have a fast connection you can watch it on in full-screen super high-definition, or you can watch it at lower res on Vimeo or Youtube (the latter link also works on iPhones/IPod touch).    

Those of you who have pre-ordered the album will be receiving limited-edition DVDs of the EPK (complete with animations by Jordan Cadby and Dave Neale) from us in the post over the next few days – a thank you for your patience.

2. …and this leads us on to excitedly announce that:  Jo’s new website has just gone live.  It’s a whole new world and is designed to be lived in, so please join us there.   You can leave comments all over the place, and please come and join us for natters in the forum.   There is an iphone site in development, we will let you know when it’s up.

We’ll leave you with a little quote from our press people, which we think is quite appropriate to the season:
“As the TV flickers out and credit cards are declined, Jo reminds us what it is to wonder at the world”

Posted via email from Iron Man Records