Last under The Sun rehearsals have been full steam ahead over the past few weeks and apart from new drummers and getting the back catalogue of “All Empires Crumble” and “Gone” back into shape the band have started work on all new material and there’s about 3 new tunes on the go and a load more on the way.
It looks like there is the possibility of going to Europe in April 2009 with or without Police Bastard or Sensa Yuma so if you are a promoter, a venue or know anyone near you that may be able to help with a show all offers would be appreciated. the plan is to go to Germany for 12th April and then work through shows in Germany, France, Belgium, Czech, and any other countries who will have us to play. The band are also open to anyone who wants to help with a show in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland etc.
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