From the mountains and hillsides of South Wales and Herefordshire.
Soon Playing Live, promoting his e.p “PRESSED FLOWERS”, within the smoke of a city near you!!! 
TOBY WAINWRIGHT JOHNS is looking for any dates available and all will be considered.  email johnstoby @
If you desire something unique and ageless, then the music of TOBY WAINWRIGHT JOHNS with his true troubadour spirit will wash your desires out into the open ocean… Never to return!
Toby Wainwright Johns is a unique musician who encompasses a vast array of musical styles and genres into his songs. He has worked as a solo artist for around seven years and has released three records:
The Creatures With Beautiful Eyes (2005 self release)
Haloes and Sundogs (2006 Avocado Music Productions)
Pressed Flowers (2008 Avocado Music Productions)
Toby has been working with indie label Avocado Music Productions for over three years and has developed a dedicated UK fan base. He has gigged extensively and appeared at numerous festivals, and on UK radio at various times.
His music is from the heart and therefore must be heard to be fully appreciated. For what it is… Outside of pigeon holes and free of restraint!
He has recently been recording at Toybox studios, Bristol. Following in the footsteps of artistes and producers such as PJ Harvey and John Parish, Mark Ronson, and The Kills, to name just a few! This recording will be released as a seven inch single on the Toms Records label in the near future.
Wild, raw and only available from Toby himself! Limited copies available! This album marked the beginning of Toby`s unique style as a solo singer/songwriter. It retains the edgy, punk rock ideals found in previous incarnations such as his band redshift. This record though, founded a new genre combining earthy melodies and ethereal shape shifting… A must have for anyone with a taste for the unusual.. Outsider music at its best!
Toby`s first studio EP sees a more refined take on the musical side, but still manages to convey the stark beauty, and sometimes disturbing harshness which Toby is renowned for. This record sets the scene for that which is yet to come… Inspirational music that will take the listener on journeys never before imagined!
Finally Released! This is Toby Wainwright Johns` finest hour to date! A mini album brimming with all of the intensity and emotion expected from Toby. This record also incorporates new, challenging dynamics and explores territories that have been left unopened previously.. A true Pandora`s box that will delve into the furthest reaches of the psyche.. Light and dark, Tragedy and comedy and beyond! Melodies that weave in and out of the consciousness, embedding themselves deep within your soul! This is definitely not new age. This is age old and primitive. Strange yet familiar… The theatre, the circus, within your own mind.. Incomparable!

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