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P.A.I.N are also putting together another European tour for 2009.


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P.A.I.N Record releases so far:

P.A.I.N : “Oh My God…We’re Doing it.” (originally recorded in 1995. re-issued in 2005 on CD Iron Man Records)

P.A.I.N featuring Howard Marks : Let Me Grow More Weed (2000 CD single Iron Man Records)

P.A.I.N : O.U.C.H – Our Universe Commences Here (2001 CD / Vinyl Iron Man Records)

P.A.I.N play heavy dub reggae, good time ska, and pissed off punk rock, and endeavour to keep their addled heads around the contradictory and confusing areas of radical politics.

The Band has supported numerous underground struggles and pressure groups along the way, working extensively with groups like Reclaim the Streets, Anti-globalisation groups, Hunt Saboteurs, Anti-fascists, Squatters, Mad Pride,MacLibel, and many more….

That’s the politics, however, it would be to sell the band short to say the story stops there…They are, like most punk bands, part Pistols, part Spinal Tap (actually, was there much difference?) and the best things about PAIN are the stories of what has happened to them over the years, genuinely unbelievable situations…Contrary to the many rumours circulating, the band have not split up, they never did. The band are alive and well and gigging all over the place, writing songs for the next album. The times they are a -changing!

P.A.I.N : “Oh My God…We’re Doing it.” CD album
This is the re-issue on Iron Man Records of P.A.I.N’s classic first album. Originally released on Inner State back in 1995 the album sold out and after the collapse of Inner State had been lost until now. The Original artwork has been reconstructed to be as close to the original as possible and the track listing includes all the classics from the P.A.I.N set:

Beltane, Everything must Go, Pork Dub, British Justice, No leaders for the Free, Money, Oh No! It’s the Pigs, Lighters and Punx with Guns.

The album includes the work of Phil, Dan and Ozzy who were all in R.D.F. and John who sang with A.O.S.3. This record was seen by P.A.I.N as the third in a trilogy, RDF: Raggamuffin Statement, A.O.S.3: Diversionary Tactics and this cd P.A.I.N: Oh My God! We’re Doing it.

P.A.I.N featuring Howard Marks : Let Me Grow More Weed CD single
Howard Marks and the Propaganga and Information Network (P.A.I.N.) recorded a song called “Let me grow more weed.” The record aims to introduce the legalisation of Cannabis into a more common arena for discussion and is targetting the unconverted, the people who would not normally take an interest in the cause. Howard and the band are throwing down the gauntlet to Tony Blair and his Government. They believe Cannabis should be legalised and will not stand aside ever.

Howard Marks’ book “Mr. Nice” is a best seller, his articles in magazines such as “Loaded” are becoming more regular and more notorious. He stands at the front line of the cause to legalise drugs and people are listening.

P.A.I.N. on a more underground level, are also on the front-line of many different causes and social comment, one of them being the legalisation of Cannabis. “Let me grow more weed” has a message for all to read: Cannabis should be legalised. By releasing this record, Howard and P.A.I.N. believe that together they can influence this coming about and in doing so, save the sanctity of the next generation’s freedom from persecution over trivia.

“I have tried every way I can think of to accelerate the day of Cannabis legalisation, thereby ceasing the torture of Cannabis smokers. I’ve flooded the country with the good herb, I’ve stood for Parliament, and I’ve skinned up in police stations. None of it has worked. I needed help. I got it from P.A.I.N., the best guys in the world” – Howard Marks

P.A.I.N : Our Universe Commences Here CD / Vinyl album
O.U.C.H: The long awaited second album from P.A.I.N, sees the South London conspiracy offer the world a radioactive audio file crammed full of Nuclear Dub, Genetically modified Ska, and BSE laced Punk rock.

Tracks: Schtum, P.A.I.N, Grow more weed, Blue Ska, Rockin cross de borda, neighbourhood watch, super drugs, A-Z, S.T.A.H.B.M, M6 style, Eastern Dub, Chickens

The album features the work of amongst others, John Dillinger, who is currently one of the most prolific writers operating in the UK underground scene. The theme is about the prison system, its use against the defenceless, and laws that cannot be defended.

The band have found allies in both expected and unexpected places, such as the well documented liason with Howard Marks and the welcome support of Kate Bush. Always outspoken, P.A.I.N see their music as a vehicle of political expression;

“There is much more to ‘Our Universe’ than the prohibition of Cannabis, you only have to look at the poetic irony of simultaneous fuel protests and widespread environmental catastrophe. Everyone will talk of the necessity for radical change, yet still, nothing changes. Are we all just consumers for the profit of the IMF? Do our lives really amount to a column of figures? Just who has the power now? Surprisingly, it’s still all of us. The Protest Movement has become global in response, and we now have a genuine opportunity to fight back at the real enemy; no longer the copper, or politician, but the evil bastards who claim with a straight face that they own 90% of the worlds resources. We are all born on this planet and every single human being alive has an equal right to life, air, water, and food. They tell us that this is being naive and unrealistic. We tell them that we will never rest until our demands are met, they had better sleep lightly”. (P.A.I.N)

Original sleeve artwork by top British cartoonist Pete Loveday whose “Saga of Russell” comic books can be found around the world. Vinyl edition is limited to 1,000 copies with gatefold sleeve, CD version has 2 extra tracks.

P.A.I.N has featured members of R.D.F, A.O.S.3, Less, Legion Of Dynamic Dishord, Suicide Bid, and Rubella Ballet.

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