The New Album Released On October 6th 2008
Every month for the last six months, Matador Records have been releasing a limited 7” by a new signing to the label, namely Memphis boywonder Jay Reatard.
The 7”s have generated more and more attention with each release, but each one has been put out in a progressively more limited run, starting with 3,500 worldwide for single #1 and ending with only 400 copies of single #6 (released September 9th). Each release has differed from the last (be it on clear and coloured vinyl, a split 7” or a picture disc) and all have sold out instantly upon release.
This collection, Matador Singles ’08, features all six singles (with the exception of Deerhunter’s cover of Jay’s ‘Oh, It’s Such A Shame’ that appears on single #4) and is compiled in chronological order. It not only caters for those who aren’t so bothered about collecting and those who missed out on the 7”s the first time round but is also an outstanding album in its own right.
Every song is a perfect snarling pop-punk gem, but the collection evolves interestingly (and erratically) from punk to pop. As Pitchfork said on the subject, “In this short space of time, Reatard has cranked out more memorable songs than some acts do in their whole careers.”
In addition to the singles, this album also features the extra track, ‘I’m Watching You’, Jay’s attempt to write a song in the style of Kiwi songsmiths The Tall Dwarfs, which uses the word “c*nt.” He succeeds.
Jay is already working on his debut album proper for Matador and plans on releasing it in the New Year. He’s next back with his band to the UK to perform their frenetic live sets in November.
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