Send in your reviews of anything rock, reggae, punk, rap, metal, hip-hop, pop, indie, classical, opera, big band, jazz, swing, rockabilly, whatever you’re into…..

email: info(at)

Reviews should be:

-500 words or less. Content can include live music reviews, record release, mp3, whatever you like.

-Photos / flyers / posters should be jpegs or similar

-Links to related artist / venue / blog sites for further reading

You may want to include:

-your name and nearest town,

-Date of gig, name of venue, other bands playing, and / or Title of Album, single, mp3 etc and Artist / Group / Act / Performer    

-What did you think of it?

-Would you recommend it?    yes/no

-Are there any other comments that you would like to make?

Please note: The Music Network aims to spread the word about what’s going on in Birmingham’s music and related creative communities. If you’re doing something you should send in the information for the blog. If you’re running a blog that I should be keeping tabs on please let me know.

Present your information properly and you’ll drastically increase your chances of getting on the blog. I get my information from several sources: Other blogs, news services and websites with RSS feeds. Emails with plenty of information and links. Emails with a jpg or flyer of some sort. Be aware that anything you send in may be reproduced on the blog in an unedited form. So use a spellchecker.

(Cheers to Created in Birmingham for cut and paste)

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