Hostess: Marcelle van Hoof
LISTEN LIVE online: every Tuesday between 19-22 hours CET (Dutch time) / 18-21 hours BST (UK time) 
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She broadcasts from home, so she might play your requested song (almost)
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Another Nice Mess
c/o Marcelle van Hoof
H. Coenradistraat 4 hs
1063 XR Amsterdam
NOW AVAILABLE: ‘DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory’ mix album
                     Double vinyl only! (no cd and/or download) 
                     34 tracks, nearly 80 minutes 
                     On Klangbad label from Germany 
                     20 Euros plus postage 
                     Order your copy now:
Special: DJ Aardvarck: Pig-A-Dub Mix
1. Signature tune: Jon E Cash/untitled
2nd track on b-side 12”: Kamikaze (
2. Daniel Meteo/Beat Of The Heart
12’’ ep: The Beat Of The Heart (
3. Ikonika/Millie
12’’ (
4. Ramones/Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
12’’ ep (from 1985, Beggars Banquet)
5. Kiki Bohemia/Come On
cd: All The Beautiful (
6. Bar 9/Malicious Tactics
12’’ (
7. The Parrots Dance Band/Obra Twa Owu 1
7’’ (Dix)
8. Aardvarck/Ghetto
lp: Pigstyle (
9. Scanner/1978 Formant Modular (played at 33 1/3 RPM)
split 7’’ with Wrangler: Two Systems. Music By Modular Synthesisers (
10. Scanner/1978 Formant Modular (played at 45 RPM)
split 7’’ with Wrangler: Two Systems. Music By Modular Synthesisers (
11. Cocoa Tea/Barack Obama
12. The Fall/Chicago, Now
lp: Extricate (from 1989, Cog Sinister) 
13. The Bug feat. Killa P & Flowdan/Ganja
14. Marc Houle/Buchla9
2xlp: Sixty-Four (
15. Chops/You Can Offer Your Love
split lp with Hellhesten (
16. Chops/2nd song (can’t read title!)
split lp with Hellhesten (
17. Autopsia/His Secret Sin
12’’ (from 1989, Staalplaat)
18. Istari Lasterfahrer/Bang Soundboy
cd: Uproot. Mixed by DJ/Rupture (
19. The Mekons/This Sporting Life
12’’ (from 1981, CNT)
20. Special: DJ Aardvarck: Pig-A-Dub Mix
21. McCarthy/Charles Windsor
lp: I Am A Wallet (from 1987, September)
22. Gang Gang Dance feat. Tinchy Stryder/Princes
lp: Saint Dymphna (
23. Softboiled Eggies/Can You Send Shame?
lp: Try It Again (
24. Jorg/track 14
cd / free download: Lomek07  (
25. Rioteer/World Against Us
12’’ ep: De Neutronenbom (
26. Burnt Frieman & Jaki Liebeszeit/Sandale
lp: Secret Rhythms 3 (
27. The Fugs/C.I.A Man
lp: Virgin Fugs: For Adult Minds Only (from 1965, Base / ESP)
Marcelle deejays:
7th November: Donnerstagsbar, Pettenkoferstrasse 4 c, Berlin
8th November: SupamolliBerlin
15th November: Zeta, The Hague
28th November: Golden Pudel ClubHamburg
29th November: Private party, Rotterdam
18th December: Fluc, Vienna
19th December: Rhiz, Vienna
16th January: Golden Pudel ClubHamburg
24th January: Tsunami Club, Cologne

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