As you may be aware, the 100% recycled, delightfully artistic, beautiful, stunning print side of Bearded has been rather quiet during 2008 while its publisher (that’s me) sorts out finances whilst hopping around on crutches – lovely.
Anyway, 2009 sees the relaunch of Bearded – the ONLY magazine across the UK entirely dedicated to independent music – and it’s a big one.
Over 1,000 stores across the UK, including independent record stores, WHSmiths, Borders and plenty of newsagents will be stocking the magazine every other month – starting with the Jan-Feb issue of Bearded from 29 January, so we need your help.
We’re currently on the hunt for release schedules for next year so that we can plan potential feature articles and give a few unknown artists a quick listen so that we can start getting excited. We don’t need specific dates – months would be nice though!
Also, the man who will hunt this information down from you is the wonderful Oli Simpson, who can be reached regarding anything review (live or record) or web news like on
All news please go to Oli, who will try and squeeze it online as quick as can be.
With reviews, we’re all concerned about the environment (aren’t we?), as a result, we’re finally accepting Mp3 submissions, if you could email them (or links to them – preferable!) with the release date and title in the subject line to
Thanks, here’s to the future!
Bearded Magazine

Posted by email from Iron Man Records (posterous)