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April 2014 Music Network Meeting Minutes

Birmingham Music Network Meeting – 24th April 2014


Mark Sampson, Anthony Hughes, Sue Nicholls, Sarah Ann Cromwell, Tony Guice, Robin Valk, Garry Davies, Louise Ali, J Napier, Vincent Gould, Alex Ginever, Dave Tomlin, Andrew Rutler, Peter Medlicott, Izzes Gayle, Matt Fisher…and a number of late arrivals who didnt sign the attendence sheet…..

Apologies: etc

New Points:

Mark – Iron Man Records

Has released a compilation CD including one track from every Iron Man Records release – available here

If you would like a cd for review please email or call him for details

Mark is interested in working/ supporting new bands from the region. Support can be given by phone to help signpost musicians to doing it for themselves or if people want more serious help he can work as a tour manager or non exclusive music manager. tel: Mark 07974 746810

Tony Guice – music projects – youth projects

Litchfield based finest festival – featuring dodgy, Singer from cast etc

In February 2013 our dear friend Chris Findley aka Fin was cruelly taken from us.

To celebrate the great man we thought it’d be rude not to host an annual festival featuring the things he loved most in this world:

Good Company

Good Food

Good Music

Good times

Finfest is a not for profit event.   All monies received from ticket sales will go to; land hire, stage hire, toilet hire and the bands and attractions. No one involved in the organisation or management of Finfest will receive hire or gain. Any funds left over will be given to the Brain & Spine Foundation. Abbotts Bromley, Staffordshire. September 22nd More

January 2014 Music Network Meeting Minutes

Birmingham Music Network Meeting – 30th January 2014

Present: Robin Valk – Radio To Go, Matt Fisher – Giraffe Audio, Nick Romluc – Giraffe Audio, Yaz Alexander – Domeclub / Indie Artist, Mark Sampson – Iron Man Records / Birmingham Music Network, Adrian Kimberline – Exit Recording, Dave Simcox – Lichfield Arts, Dan Griffin – Illustrator / Animator, Dan Nicholas – Interested in Music Platforms, Peter Murtagh – Freelance Audio Engineer, Laura – Student BCU, Patrick – Student BCU

New Points

Robin Valk – Radio To Go

Talked about some of the articles on his blog:

Boat to Row: The hot topics are a tour, a single on vinyl and download, their own label, and a video shot for very little money. We’re weighing up what they should charge for the single launch gig on February 28th, with the vinyl thrown in.

The BBC in the midlands: I’m a big BBC fan. I see and hear inspiring stuff on the Beeb. More often than not, I give up in boredom, despair or disbelief watching and listening to anyone else. I use the BBC website every day. I respect Reithian principles.

Read more here:

Yaz Alexander

We’re currently looking for an inexpensive venue for the dome, so we can run commercial shows & work with local students & artists. If you love art, film and music you’ll love this – for everyone interested in digital film, photography, graphic design, 360 degree film technology, art, music, dance, theatre, drama, script-writing, collaborative work and much more check out

18:00 – Best of DomeFest :
19:30 – Jena Festival 2013 :
21:00 – Dark Side of the Moon : (sold out)

To book your tickets click the link above for the show you’d like to see! (No password required)

This is an exciting new medium that needs to be seen in person to get the full experience.

Dome Club has enjoyed a superb first season at The Custard Factory. All tickets sold out half way through the month and the happy customers and encouraging comments on our Facebook page – as well as a number of positive reviews elsewhere – bear witness to the appeal of the fulldome experience.

We’re putting on an extra event this Friday 31st January consisting of three special performances.

We’ve reduced tickets to only 30 per performance, so don’t delay.

The events have been going well and the Pink Floyd shows have been selling out each time so get your tickets early.

Dome Club are looking for people to create content for showing on the Dome Screen

Ideas suggested to get in touch with Alex Patterson, The Orb, John Sinclair, Youth about the 360 dome club idea….

Discussion followed….

“success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”

mention of gerv at mission print and lunar festival

Nick Giraffe Audio

A few questions about Dome Club and discussion followed.

Dave Simcox 07989 165361
Lichfield is only 30mins from Birmingham city center
In March they have a rock night, with three bands for £6
Idea to bring out a younger audience
Fred Zeppelin are playing
Fuse festival happens every year
Dance Circus skills, spoken word. A lot of work is going into programming interesting events in Lichfield for younger audiences right up to the more senior audiences. Anyone with good ideas or suggestions is welcome to get in touch. Dave would like to hear from good bands, booking agents, theatre or event organisers with pitches for events to be considered by Lichfield Arts.

Dan Griffin
Animator…had a few points to make and questions about Dome Club. He is interested in providing content for the 360 screen.

Peter Murtagh
freelance audio editor looking for work

Laura – student at BCU

Looking for work experience in the music industry. Music Management, A&R. A number of suggestions made and offer of work experience from Iron Man Records.

Next meeting will be last Thursday of February from 4pm-5.30pm

November 2013 Music Network Meeting Minutes

Birmingham Music Network Meeting – 28th November 2013


Sue Nicholls – Merchandiser Glenn Tilbrook, Steve Poltz.

Ian Bourne

Robin Valk – Radio To Go

James Anthony

Matt Fisher – Giraffe Audio

Nick Romluc – Giraffe Audio

Anthony Hughes – Screen Image Network and Smart Culture

Richard Blades – Blades Animation

Garry Davies – Skullfox

Sarah-Ann Cromwell – Diva Gigs

Barny Evans – Fantasy Band Camp

Robert Oulton

Tony Guice – Propagator Records

Keisha Thompson – Aloi

Annie M – Indie Artist

Yaz Alexander – Domeclub / Indie Artist

Mark Sampson – Iron Man Records / Birmingham Music Network

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April 2013 Music Network Meeting Minutes

Birmingham Music Network Meeting – 25th April 2013

Ayesha Campbell – singer vocal coach

Andrea Campbell- students of sound

Manoj Solanki – produces dance music

Hugh McGuinness – music promoter, band manager

Robert Sharl – BCU, Futurilla podcast network

Emma Scott- marketing for University of Birmingham

Richard Battye – River studio

Andrew Marsh – Oxjam, Birmingham

Tom – Skill sharing company, apps for phones Music

Richard Mitten – freelance sound engineer.

Spence Cater -Musician, Songwriter

Simon Howes – Freelance sound engineer

New points… More

March 2013 Music Network Meeting Minutes

Birmingham Music Network Meeting Minutes – 28th March 2013


Mark Badger, Robin Valk, Matt fisher, James, Chris Mayer, Stuart Tonks, Robert Sharl, Lennis, Spence Cater, Dave, Paul Meggs, Gillian Stapleton


New Points… More