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National Children’s Remembrance Concert, Genting Arena, Birmingham, November 3rd 2018 to mark 100th anniversary of the end of the first World War.

More than 2500 children will be performing in the first ever National Children’s Remembrance Concert at the Genting Arena in Birmingham on November 3rd 2018 to mark the 100th anniversary of the ending of the first World War.

Children from across the country will perform music, song and drama to commemorate and remember the tens of millions of civilians and combatants from across the world who died in that war including an estimated 540,000 children. The concert will pay homage to the women and non-combatants, and the many millions of animals that were killed in the conflict including nearly eight million horses and mules. Large screens will be used throughout.

There will be a choir of over 2000 children dressed so as to represent two giant poppies and an orchestra of 180 Young Musicians made up of members of the Birmingham Schools’ and Ealing Youth Orchestras.

The music, songs and associated images have been carefully selected and sequenced to tell the story of the war so as to extend factual knowledge and understanding of the war and to enhance empathy for all who were affected by it and its consequences. There will be moments of joy and moments of sadness, of emotion and reflection, of pathos and hope, and of remembrance and gratitude. It will be a concert for all and which commemorates and remembers all.

Concert Director and Founder Ron Dawson said:

“If the spirit and duty of remembrance is to endure it must be passed from generation to generation. The ambition of this children’s centenary concert is to renew that remembrance and our gratitude to those who lived, fought and died in that war a century ago.

It is important to remember all of those who were affected by World War I, whether they were combatants from anywhere in the world, their families, their children or their friends and neighbours. I hope this concert will change the way we commemorate remembrance forever and inspire an interest and understanding of remembrance in the next generation.

Whilst Remembrance Day has continued year upon year, the hope that the war would bring an end to all wars has still to be realised. If that hope is ever to be fulfilled it must be planted and nurtured within the hearts of everyone, but most importantly within the hearts of today’s children.”

Music will include Mars, Nimrod, Cavatina, Silent Night, Hymn to the Fallen and popular songs from the home front and the trenches. The concert climaxes with a mass singing of Lest we Forget, a song written and co-composed by Mr Dawson.

Tickets are on sale now for £15 from Ticket Factory website – https://bit.ly/2NEOHe5

Ticket Hotline 0844 33 88 222


XOVA – The R GENERATION and needless life lost in the Afghan and Iraq war

Flyer for Gig on FRIDAY 8th JAN 2010 at THE HARE AND HOUNDS, £3 TO GET IN

The R GENERATION track is about the needless life lost, on all sides, in the Afghan and Iraq wars , we dont blame the soldiers who are doing there job, we blame the corrupt Governments and their supporters, for sending them to war and for lying to the people of the world on why we went to war. Wayne the singer wrote the track after a friend of his Joe Murphy from Castle Brom was killed.

XOVA are intending to stand for the next election to highlight the peoples concerns on the unjust wars and unwanted wars, single parents, knife and gun crimes, corrupt goverment policys were they spend millions on smoke and mirror policies instead of feeding and helping  the poorest (the majority nowadays) – GORDON BROWN AND HIS GOVERNMENT ARE TO BLAME and we as people have to vote them all out.

XOVA new album THE PRESSURES OF LIFE and the single R GENERATION are on ITUNES NOW, Also there are various remixes of the single by DUBNINE, G CORP nad ZONED OUT all on ITUES as well


In addition to the political tracks we throw a lot of love and Irie vibes into the mix and a wicked stage show and XOVA could well be the New band of the year from Birmingham