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Dapper FM from 8 till 10pm (UK time) on Tuesday 1st May 2012

Our next radio show will be on 1st May, 2012. The first day of May is significant for many reasons. For some it is seen as International Workers Day (Mayday) and for others it is the Celtic festival of Beltane. We will be commemorating both on this weeks show.

We will feature several numbers appropriate to International Workers Day, with unions, people power and general anti-establishmentism getting a plug; including brand new tunes from Inner Terrestrials, Anti-flag and Dreadzone

We will also be showcasing some of the bands playing The Beltane Buzz festival in West Wales next weekend, including Captain Accident and the Disasters, Zinc Bukowski and brand new exclusives from The Bleedin’ Noses and Cakehole Presley.

For all this, plus much more, log on to www.dapperfm.co.uk from 8 till 10pm (UK time) on Tuesday 1st May.

Clint Iguana

Mouth of God – Dj Sir Real – Tuesday 27th April, starting at 10pm GMT Music World radio

This news just in from DJ Sir Real himself: Howdy music lovers, five shows in now of the Mouth of God’s journey into the unknown, and going strong…presented by DJ Sir Real…with, as you might expect, a fine selection of wrongness, weirdness, beauty, cosmic anthems, fucked up disco, mutant techno, funny talk and hoo-haa…

I would be very chuffed indeed if some of you would like to join me for the journey…and please feel free to circulate far and wide to spread the wrongness :-)

Go to http://www.musicworldradio.com to listen…

You might also want to have a look at Club Impulse in Second Life for some chat and flying and stupid dancing and ill-advised clothes (and possibly popes & daleks & other assorted oddness)…I will be presenting the show simultaneously from there…you can check that out here – http://secondlife.com/?v=1.1 – or follow the link from the MWR homepage.
So that’s tonight, Tuesday 27th April, starting at 10pm GMT…
See ya in the ether :-) Neil x
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