here is an interesting request just in…..and with reference to recent news of record shop closure in the region…..

The message reads: “I’m looking into ways to bring back the traditional record shop. I used to love finding loads of jems and taking home a physical record which I would spend lots of time listening to and enjoying very much. Times have changed and few record shops still exist (at least ones with goods records in). So, I have a few questions about stores and I hope with a little research I can generate a way forward out of my rut. If you can spare 2 mins to leave any comments below it would be really really helpful. Thanks for your time.”

1 – “What do you love about record shops?”

2 – “What do you hate about records shops?”

3 – “What are your attitudes towards record shops?”

4 – “What are your attitudes towards online record shops or stores?”

5 – “What influences you to purchase at traditional record stores?”

6 – “What influences you to purchase from an online shop or store?”

7 – “If you had any words of wisdom to pass on to a record shop, that is still in business despite the growth of online music consumption, what would it be?”

Please leave your comments below or email your completed answers to info at and I will pass them on. cheers.