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Mark from Iron Man Records interviewed by Katy Jay at Musoplex March 2010

Mark from Iron Man Records interviewed by Katy Jay, unsigned music champion from 101.8WCRfm in Wolverhampton.

Musoplex describes Mark Badger as “…..Head of one of Birmingham’s most loved and influential independent record labels…..Iron Man Records have released music from grindcore to punk and anti-folk over the last 15 years. Hear Mark’s views on bands, recording, touring and being the head of a label. The interview features footage of …..punk band Police Bastard, Anti-folk New Yorkers Dufus and Last Under the Sun.”

Mark talks about Police Bastard and Trogg, Tape Trading and life before filesharing and the Internet, touring with a band on a budget you can stick under a glass, the idea of giving bands a small amount of help at a critical time, Robert Lloyd and The Nightingales, how the label got involved with Seth and Dufus and he talks about his own band called Last Under The Sun.

Here’s a direct link: http://blip.tv/file/3407655

Review of forthcoming NIGHTINGALES album

(Skug magazine by Heinrich Deisl)):

The Nightingales, follow-up project of Birminghams first legendary punkband the Prefects around Robert Lloyd, that supported acts like Nico or Bo Diddley, are back with a nonchalant noisy album. While we’re in history: Lloyd, in his various incarnations, has been a regular guest at John Peels, only outplayed by the Fall. Lloyd, Alan apperley, Daren Garrett and young Matt Wood drone themselves through 12 rocknumbers, containing Avantgarde, Punk and borrowings to große kosmische musik – (annotation: i like that one) there are two guest appearances by Faust bass player Andreas Schmid (he he) – held together by Lloyds grumbly(?) singing, that sometimes sounds like Iggy Pop. Rock&Roll and Surf also consistently look around the corner: not for nothing the ‘gales dedicate “insult to injury” to Bo Diddley and Link Wray. This record scores with bulkiness, lots of bittersweet (there’s no way to translate Hinterfotzigkeiten… backc..tness? something like sneakyness) and pop-down to earth melancholy. A tour is coming up in spring 2009. Don’t miss it.

Posted via email from Iron Man Records