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September 2013 Music Network Meeting Minutes

Birmingham Music Network Meeting – September 2013

Present: Robin Valk Radio To Go, Sue Nichols performer, merch seller, Gary Skull Fox, Jeremy Skull fox, Chris BCU Student, Sandra BCU student, Ryan BCU Lecturer, Matthew Sound engineering student, Jim Simpson Big Bear Music Group, Rebecca Edwards student studying media,  Meg student, Thomas Glass Bullet, Ryan second year student, Tony works in music projects and youth centers,

New Points:

Mark Iron Man Records: Talked about Police Bastard releasing a new CD album called “Confined” on Iron Man Records.

Robin Valk: Campaign for regional Broadcasting in the region. Janice Long supports local talent but bands in this region lose out.
BBC spending in the region has much declined.

Culture Shock moseley: an interesting show taking place
on saturday at St Marys Church, Moseley
free food too

Interesting point made that BCU is leasing buildings and facilities to the BBC so some funding and support is going back into the region but perhaps not enough.

Janice Long supports new music
Tom Robinson on 6 music supports new music.

Who are the supporters of new music on radio? if you are a new band in birmingham who can you turn to?

3rd year student. talking about what he is going to do for his final year project on and what are the growth areas of

Ryan: lecturer and BCU researcher. Working on new


Jim Simpson:
Talked about lack of cohesion in the region.

what are we going to do?

Jim would like to take a team to Midem. He is looking at 2015
Any interested parties get in touch.
Jim Simpson Big Bear admin@bigbearmusic.com

How can the Traditional Record Shop be saved? 7 questions for Music Consumers 2010

here is an interesting request just in…..and with reference to recent news of record shop closure in the region…..

The message reads: “I’m looking into ways to bring back the traditional record shop. I used to love finding loads of jems and taking home a physical record which I would spend lots of time listening to and enjoying very much. Times have changed and few record shops still exist (at least ones with goods records in). So, I have a few questions about stores and I hope with a little research I can generate a way forward out of my rut. If you can spare 2 mins to leave any comments below it would be really really helpful. Thanks for your time.”

1 – “What do you love about record shops?”

2 – “What do you hate about records shops?”

3 – “What are your attitudes towards record shops?”

4 – “What are your attitudes towards online record shops or stores?”

5 – “What influences you to purchase at traditional record stores?”

6 – “What influences you to purchase from an online shop or store?”

7 – “If you had any words of wisdom to pass on to a record shop, that is still in business despite the growth of online music consumption, what would it be?”

Please leave your comments below or email your completed answers to info at birminghammusicnetwork.com and I will pass them on. cheers.

Black Country Music Network – Wolverhampton, 3pm on Wednesday 29th July

You are invited to attend and participate in the Black Country Music Network, a real face-to-face opportunity for business and individuals involved in the music business and allied industries in the Black Country.

This meeting takes place at the Bingley Enterprise Centre, Norfolk Road, Wolverhampton WV3 0JE from 3pm on Wednesday 29th July.

There is some free parking nearby and bus stops from central Wolverhampton are close by.

Click this link for a map http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=wv3+0je&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=37.871902,56.074219&ie=UTF8&z=16

The Black Country Music Network is aimed at organisations, business and traders in and around the music industry in the black country.  The event aims to provide those attending with a forum for discussion, asking for help and advice, meeting and connecting with new partners and collaborators or just to discover more about their local scene.

Please RSVP info at sostenuto.org.uk whether or not you can make it and also please let anyone you know that you think would be interested

BCMN - Black Country Music Network

Birmingham Music Network Minutes 18 Dec 2008


Andy Derrick dandyeric@gmail.com http://andyderrick.co.uk 

Zak www.myspace.com/miss_higher 

Anthony Hughes anthonyjhughes@mac.com

Lee Parsons lee@dittomusic.com www.dittomusic.com 


Andy Derrick spoke about the launch of his freelance work giving advice to musicians and music businesses on all aspects of the industry as well as his work as a guest speaker, arranger, composer, performer, manager and agent.  More information can be found on his website http://andyderrick.co.uk 

Lee Parsons spoke about the latest things happening at Ditto Music including their new deal on aggregation – see website for details.  Lee also spoke about the Ditto Music TV show available on SKY with previous episodes available on the website and on YouTube.

Visit www.dittomusic.com for the full SP.

Zak left information about several bands and promoters/nights:

  • Tin Omen – Electro Goth band have a new album due for release in 2009.  Think Madonna singing for Depeche Mode
  • Stiletto Promotions – Goth related events / announcements that should interest those into the Goth scene.
  • The Dark Room – a great weekly Goth event held at the Giffard Arm, Wolverhampton
  • For MySpace links for these and more visit www.myspace.com/miss_higher
  • Check out Ryan’s Gig Guide January 2009 issue for a review of the debut album by the Hanging Dolls “Reason and Madness” 
  • The Asylum have many great bands lined up to play in 2009.  See www.theasylumvenue.co.uk 

Andy reminded everyone to spread the word on contacting Mark info@birminghammusicnetwork.com to put their gig details and any other useful stuff on the Birmingham Music Network website.

The next meeting of the Birmingham Music Network is Thursday 29th January 4pm Room 436, TIC, Birmingham City University, Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham – The event is free and normally finishes at 6pm.

Creative Networks starts at 6pm in the same building and offers a chance to network with people from other Creative Industries and listen to a guest speaker.  January see Jan Faull from the BFI National Film Archive feature as guest speaker.  There is also a chance to pitch your business to the assembled guests – contact Dave Taylor on 0121 331 5400 or email creative.networks@tic.ac.uk for more info.  To register to attend, please visit www.creativenetworksonline.com