Flyer for Gig on FRIDAY 8th JAN 2010 at THE HARE AND HOUNDS, £3 TO GET IN

The R GENERATION track is about the needless life lost, on all sides, in the Afghan and Iraq wars , we dont blame the soldiers who are doing there job, we blame the corrupt Governments and their supporters, for sending them to war and for lying to the people of the world on why we went to war. Wayne the singer wrote the track after a friend of his Joe Murphy from Castle Brom was killed.

XOVA are intending to stand for the next election to highlight the peoples concerns on the unjust wars and unwanted wars, single parents, knife and gun crimes, corrupt goverment policys were they spend millions on smoke and mirror policies instead of feeding and helping  the poorest (the majority nowadays) – GORDON BROWN AND HIS GOVERNMENT ARE TO BLAME and we as people have to vote them all out.

XOVA new album THE PRESSURES OF LIFE and the single R GENERATION are on ITUNES NOW, Also there are various remixes of the single by DUBNINE, G CORP nad ZONED OUT all on ITUES as well


In addition to the political tracks we throw a lot of love and Irie vibes into the mix and a wicked stage show and XOVA could well be the New band of the year from Birmingham