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March 2010 Music Network Meeting Minutes

The Music Network Meeting Minutes 25th March 2010

Chaired by Andy Derrick

Simon Howes – self employed sound engineer in tv and film

Andy Ward – Musoplex, video, cd and live and merchandise

Katie Southall – WCR – DJ playing music to unsigned bands and musicians regardless of genre – send stuff to katy@wcrfm.com – Facebook – search for ‘katyjay’. Also a what’s on guide is being setup – contact Katie for more info about when and who. Business Development Consultant – making radio stations sustainable with a mixture of private and public funding.

Andy Roberts – Blue Whale @ Custard Factory and writes for The Fly magazine. Blog and a show on Rhubarb Radio. www.rhubarbradio.com – a mix of cutting touring acts playing in Birmingham plus artists from Blue Whale.  Podcast on Speech Fewapy network – 1500 subscribers it’s a feed of different podcasts from around the world.  Promoting gigs at The Rainbow.  Also running Intro to Logic and FInal Cut courses. andrew-roberts at hotmail.co.uk

Alex – BCU Architect Student looking at pathways beyond degree.  Just here to absorb and be inspired. Interested in voluntereering talk2alex@gmail.com @alex_john

Rich – here out of curiosity – guitarist – interested in using media to promote music here and beyond – Post Grad at Aston Business School, former President of Birmingham Uni Students’ Union and promoted many nights. – rj.walker87 at gmail.com

Vince and Colin from Musical Excahnges – Sunday 18th April The Bridge FM 102.2 FM – 2-4pm. Also issuing invites for test pilots for the web site.  Give email for an invite. enquiries at musicialexchanges.com
Also played Newcastle Guitar Show – record signups.  New collaborative diary service.  MX Recruit – musicians and tech recruitment section launching this weekend.

Spence – songwriter and looking for other songwriters with which to collaborate – ones with studios a bonus.  Also a photographer for live music and studio based.  http://www.myspace.com/themackenziefriend
Also a tutor a Access To Music. ATM band playing at the O2 – 3 Joyous performing tonight.

Sam – ATM student – sing semi pro doing a vocal course – also singing teaching – into singer/songwriter.  Looking to collaborate with other artists. myspace.com/samstarrmusic

Sarah – singer, songwriter and pianist at ATM.  Also a tutor at Yamaha Music School.

Jay – form Hinckley – freelance audio engineer – starting a new shared creative studio, space – shared resource centre – large footprint building 4 – 6,000 sq ft. spaces.  secretlabproductions at hotmail.com

Adrian – Exit Recording – songwriter and producer working with a variety of artists. New website www.adriankimberlin.com – Also looking for contacts experienced in placing dance tracks.

Anthony – musician, co-founder of BMN, video production company with proven track record of videos for musicians

Jenny – pa to Dusky Violet Sky Management –  getting exposure for bands. – present Saturday Rocks on Rhubarb Radio – info at violet-sky.com jennytaterocks at gmail.com saturdayrocks at rhubarbradio.com

Dusky Edwards – Violet Sky Management – artist management, managing talent generally.  Keen on fairly managing and developing talent.  www.violet-sky.com – happy for new talent to get in touch. myspace.com/hopeorthetruth – HOT are a band managed Violet Sky – rock with an electric undertone – American Rock

Keisha Thomson – Action for Haiti – feedback – event really well, 500 people, £3000 raised.  Keisha performed her own track Who Loved Themselves – reggae jazz vibe – looking to develop it as a charity single – @keisha_thompson – twitter

Mark Malone – ATM student – songwriter/musician – released on soundclick – amateur internet store website – good ratings – broad genre – rock/acoustic/folk/indie – also working with Crisis Homeless Charity – looking for vocalists (gravelly preferred). – maloneproductions at live.co.uk – available for session guitar/bass/producer/song writer.

February 2010 Music Network Meeting Minutes

The Music Network Meeting Minutes 25th February 2010

Chaired by Andy Derrick

Andy Roberts – Blue whale studios based at the Custard Factory in Digbeth – looking to connect with potential customers – they offer live location recording, filming plus lots more – blog: http://bluewhalestudios.wordpress.com – also running training courses in music production, final cut, logic etc.

Vince – MX – guitar tech – update on MX
Colin – MX –

Keisha Thompson – singer, songwriter and poet – looking to network with other musicians.

Abi Seabrook – freelance singer and community musician

Katie Southall – Wolverhampton Community Radio (WCR) – community development role – only community station in Wolvo – 280,000 listeners 20-55 age group – volunteer dj’s production training plus courses – http://wcrfm.com

Andy Ward – Musoplex – company of creative enterprise in Oldbury – Framework recording studio, video production and editing, live sound, sound stage, green screen and rehearsal rooms

Tom – local assistant – recently did the sound for amateur film ‘Killing Me Softly’ – student at BCU music technology – electric blues player also

Adrian Kimberline – Exit recording – songwriter and producer – always looking for interesting collaborations.

Paul Linton / Mark Horton – Punch taverns – looking to recruit a partner for a large pub/music venue in the Black Country

Nicola – Oxjam festival – interested in bands, engineers and others in Oct 2010 – 16th April The Victoria, raise money and awareness  – showcasing four acts with female lead –

Caroline Bevan – ex-Kerrang journalist now working as an independent blogger/journo, run the blog for Wolvo Civic Hall

Darren – Birmingham Uni – research in music

Simon Howes – professional live and studio sound engineer with experience in live music and TV.

Gary Seeney – Yamaha music school and melting ice

Robert Lane – singer songwriter – recorded and self released an EP – interested in festivals


Keisha Action for Haiti – 7/3/10 – charity event for survivors of Haiti earthquake @actionforhaiti – twitter evening gig and afternoon education session. £5 ticket

Andy Ward – looking for publishers interested in licensing a band Discotheque Wreck

Tom – The Camp – open mic night – Thursday nights £9 – Free – Pershore Road – Stirchley – jam/open mic night – looking to expand the night for a broader night – sound assistant looking for work – hard worker – looking for gigs for a blues band (A Boy Named Sue – gigging already in Aylesbury). Teched The Old FOlkers – worth a look – very

Paul and Mark – publicans – Punch Taverns – A site in Kidderminster – think it could become a live music venue (with outdoor license and covered area).  Hosting an open day 10th March and have a look. Looking for a pub manager to rent it – no criminal record!, investment required, no experience required – but pub knowledge obviously a bonus.

Nicola – Oxjam – looking for a female compere. Also looking for people interested in putting on smaller satellite Oxjam events.

Carolinecarolinebevan.com – former presenter and newsreader at Kerrang – interested in opportunities in music journalism online/video suggestions: Katie FItzgeralds, City TV, Balcony TV. ELT Records launching a music show in the midlands. Also offers media training for musicians.

Musical Exchanges – week 53 – live! – musicalexchanges.com – 3 parts – networking – 1-facebook-esque  2-auction site like ebay but without traders 3-recuitment(find a muso, crew, arrangers, art work etc.). New: coming soon a diary system.

Carlo – Birmingham Promoters – signed touring bands and local groups

Gary Seeney – Birmingham Yamaha Music School – 350 students – lots of activity for Childline – Beatles Tribute band – gary at byms.co.uk New course – Yamaha – junior play for keys Key stage 1

Musoplex – A collective of music-centric professionals working under one roof in Oldbury

Dictionary: –  Musoplex (aka the ‘plex)

Birmingham’s brightest collective of music-centric professionals working under one roof in Oldbury.

Musoplex is home to: –

Framework Studios – headed up by Si Reeves this legendary studio works across the board – in the last 2 months alone we have recorded everything from acoustic songs for a West End show to the new Police Bastard EP for UK and US release soon and everything in between from tribute bands to mayhem metal from Frozen Theory and indie-disco from Discotheque Wreck. Lee Phillips – Corner Studios, Wolverhampton, is also on our Producer roster.

Rehearsal Rooms – we have 4 – they all work, they are much used cos they are only £9 per hour.

Raven: Record Label – housed in the small office at the front Andy works on finding quality bands (usually by sticking his head out the door and listening to whoever is in) and we record them and release them. Only a year old and 5 releases in but it does get easier as it goes along. March 1st sees the release of a 3 version single – Your Silence – from Discotheque Wreck to be followed by the EP later in March. Pre-orders alone have already made the Top 10 for Indiestore downloads and the songs go live on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc on March 1st. The band tour the UK to promote the single and EP soon – see www.discothequewreck.co.uk

Photography – The ‘plex has it’s own photo / video studio too – and 3 photographers to choose from. The last few weeks have seen shoots for The Ganders, Butterfly Fan the Inferno, Planet Rock and more. Competitive to completely creative – you choose what you want from us and we deliver.

Promotion – we have just secured a much-needed local venue for live gig promotion – watch this space.

Videography – We work very closely with Pete of Abstract Reaction. His 4 camera live videos are stunning, his visual creativity beyond compare. Pete is just back from a European tour making a band documentary as well as accompanying Dufus on mush of their UK tour. We are now looking forward to making the first of a series of interview videos. Pete is also a superb Wolves Uni grad photographer.

Learning and Development – Katie Southall (radio presenter Katy Jay) helps us to keep on top of learning and development projects – currently running the excellent Sound It Out project. Katie is also a superb photographer.

We have links to management teams, get our bands radio play and generally help in any way we can.

The ‘plex Team.

Si Reeves – Studio, Head Producer
Andy Ward – Studio, Photography, label, business
Katie Southall – Learning and Development, Photography


Pete Rhead – Videography and photography
Lee Phillips – Producer

Junction 2, M5 – Oldbury
mail at musoplex.com


January 2010 Music Network Meeting Minutes

The Music Network Meeting Minutes 28th January 2010


Simon Howes, Robert Edwards, Saurabh Thomas, Gwen King, Jamiee Hewitt,  Dan May-Miller, Jack Kennerly, Simon Evison, Vince O’Malley, Karl  Tippin, Kevin, Tom Prottey, Jack Perry, Aidan Laverty, Darren Roberts, Rob Heaton, Tom, Clare Edwards, Joe Blanks, Doug Blanks, Colin Tippin, Marcus Dellicompagni, Scott Sheppard, Phil Mountford.

Apologies: Mark Sampson, Andy derrick, Anthony Hughes.

New Points:

Karl from Musical Exchanges talked about www.musicalexchanges.com – which has now gone live! This brand new website is social networking site, diary and recruitment site designed for anyone working in the music industry.

Marcus Dellicompagni – Doing a PHD and researching the power relationships in music industry of Birmingham has started by looking at Urban music concentrating on Lozells but now wants to widen the scope to other genres and areas.

Robert Edwards – working in own TV studio making a range of shows from games shows and children’s tv. Interested in finding musicians who can produce theme tunes, perform on the station and help the children presenters develop their own band! To find out more go to www.lovemedialtd.co.uk or contact email: Robert at lovemedia.co.uk

Tom – Jam night from the Roadhouse looking for a new venue as they’ve had to move on from the Roadhouse. Looking for a venue with some backline equipment already – the night attracts about 20 performers and had a good momentum. And is usually a Thursday. If someone knows a venue contact Tom Richardson 07956 368998

Tom – interested in starting offering his services paid and free apprentice work doing almost anything in the music industry. 07956 368998

World Unlimited, Folk night at the Hare and Hounds – Yeah Sparrow performs on 31st January. Also playing are the Kings of Spain and Alex Moir and its £3 in! Also he is playing for Silent Filter Promotions gig at the Wagon Horses in Digbeth and they are trying to set some new nights there supporting local bands. http://www.myspace.com/yeahsparrow and http://www.myspace.com/silentfilter

Simon Howes – Social Media Café is tomorrow (Friday 29th Jan) at 10am at Coffee Lounge and every last Friday of the month – a good way to meet other social media types in the city and get ideas and ask questions http://www.birminghamsmc.com/

Rob Heaton from Wolverhampton – looking to start up a business offering music production, on location recording, audio editing and mixing. Contact Rob on 07858 520318

Gwen King – is looking for someone to write theme music for her TV show and other musicians who can compose good songs email: gwen at gwenking.co.uk

Clare Edwards – updated everyone on Music Central which is a new project probably starting in April 2010 which will be designed to support music industry companies and individuals eg, managers, labels, promoters etc through a programme of mentoring, seminars, networking and a conference. Go to clareedwards@mac.com after April for more details.

Stafford based studio and staff currently mostly taken up by one band – ‘The Tunics’ – no website but you can get a message to them via www.joeblanks.com

Jack Perry – The Razorbax have just made their first record. Go to www.therazorbax.co.uk for more details. Dave Midson has mastered it – they are now looking for contacts for distribution, promotion and getting gigs.

Next meeting Thursday 25th February 2010 4pm – 6pm. Special thanks to Clare Edwards for leading the January meeting and at short notice. If anyone else wants to lead a Music Network meeting get in touch, you know it has to be a good thing to do for local music.

The Music Network – 4pm Thursday 28th January 2010, Birmingham TEE, Millennium Point. All Invited

It has been suggested that Birminghamusic.com spent a lot of money and is no longer running. Creative Insight tried and failed. Creative lauchpad came and went. The Learning and Skills council had a go and gave up, so did the Chambers of Commerce, Mentoring projects got set up and then scrapped, music festivals, seminars, workshops and endless consultations have been and gone, compilation cds have been and gone, websites have been built and taken down, networks were set up and taken apart, even the Universities are at it, but how long will it last? People talk about “all this money.” …..”all this money” to help the creative industries, “all this money” to help struggling musicians in the region, all this help for all these different things, all these schemes to enhance the region’s music industry. And where has it got us? What has it cost? What has been achieved? Where is the evaluation? Will anyone be held to account? Does anyone care? Its a grim history. The place is full of “Music consultants” but still nothing appears to be happening. Or is it? Don’t panic. There’s probably nothing you can do apart from shut up and be happy. Or is there? These funded projects have absolutely nothing to do with you. So rejoice, the good news is this.

The Music Network is open to all on Thursday 28th January 2010 4pm til 6pm at Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham, B4 7XG.

The Music Network, Birmingham, 2008

If you have any involvement in music, come and talk about what you’re up to and meet some new people.

The Music Network organises a NETWORKING EVENT on the last Thursday of each month, for the benefit of music related businesses in the West Midlands region. These Events are not about telling you what to do or how to do it, they’re not part of a wider academic research project and this is not some funded project after your name or address, and you’re not part of a wider marketing excercise.

These Networking events are about all things music in the region. They’re about helping you to teach yourself how to do it, by yourself, for yourself and encourages you to share the knowledge with others so they can do the same.  If you are a musician, work with musicians, represent musicians, have involvement with the music industry, or are looking to make new contacts the meeting will be useful.

If you have news to report, a presentation to give, an event to promote, any new points for discussion, a pitch to make, business cards or flyers to hand round, an appeal for help, advice or guidance or even if you just want the free tea and biscuits and some quality entertainment…you are all invited.

You can also post in by email any news or gig dates or press release information for inclusion on the website and for distribution through the mailing list and RSS feed. More details on the website.

There will be luxury chocolate biscuits and good coffee for all. There’s food and drink afterwards supplied by the creative networks too. Please pass this invite on to Musicians you know or anyone else who you think may benefit. Jokers and time wasters need not apply.


If you want to join a real conversation and get ahead with your own music…..and if you choose not to involve yourself in another botched scheme that pays for everything except anything useful for you and your music…..

…..You know what to do:  https://birminghammusicnetwork.com Started in 2000 and still going on a budget you can stick under a glass. Funded Project? What Funded project? Learn to like it. Come and Join us.

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