BSR 013 LAUTSTURMER –  “Audio Plague Outbreak Alert” 7″ EP (Ltd 308)
Swedish brutal hardcore crust! 5 track debut EP recorded April 2008 – RAW, BRUTAL meets early Swedish raw-punk style! These lads were playing with Kurbits IR, Article Nine, Slemäters, Final Holocaust and another infamous d-beat crust/metal bands!! And its limited 308 copies!! (150 on black, 59 on red/marron and 99 on red wax)
(Also available on tape in distro section) 014 FLYBLOWN/WARVICTIMS – split CD

England’s FLYBLOWN play harsh & brutal crust noise with grunted vocals and downtuned guitar.  They  influenced by bands such as Disclose, Dismachine, Totalitar and Framtid. The band has cut a space for itself on the underground punk scene as a band with political intent and an extreme musical style. This is their last track ever!!
WARVICTIMS play raging D-beat  raw punk in the Scandinavian tradition, including a cover of DISCHANGE’s classic “After War Scars”.

This split consist 10 track from WARVICTIMS and 5 track from FLYBLOWN.
(12″ vinyl version available only at the distro) 

BETON/CAD –  split LP (Co-release with other 12 D.I.Y label)
Both bands comes from Slovakia. BETON with six furious tracks of heavy brutal D-beat with pissed off vocals. Short simple cold, dark dead lyrics. Nothing new just D-beat rawpunk that you can’t get enough off! CAD already have several releases out and have played together for many years by now. 11 furious tracks of grind/crust/rawpunk. Great cover art. No translation for the lyrics. You can find BETON’s lyrics translated on their myspace. This is released by 13 labels and limited to 500 copies.
(CD version available at the distro)


Still available/in stock:

BSR 011 WARVICTIMS – “Lognen Om Fredsavtalet” CD
D-beat crust out of Sweden. Brand new track with 8 page booklet. One of most active bands with new release every season. Silver stamp logo. BSR 012 ETACARINAE – “In These Dark Times” CD
Spanish cosmic apocalyptic crust. 10 new track plus bonus track from split with ASEDIO and “Faith in Chaos” EP. Included infamous track “Misery” from Bastard. 20 page special booklet that you can’t get from download!! 

PROJECT HOPLESS “Välkommen till vår sopfyllda fabrik” CD
 (Co-release with Wasted Sound and Shaman Records)

An A//E political hardcore raw punk from Malmo Sweden. With touch of fast Swedish HC tradition and d-beat, here in the digital format and 12 page booklet. Comes with 2 an extra bonus tracks which are not available on vinyl version.


BSR 006 DISTRUST “World OF Tommorow” CD

DISTRUST are Singaporean crusties was formed in 1999 with greatly influenced by Discharge, Doom, ENT and UK crust punk band and Swedish HC as well. This CD contains 17 tracks full of d-beat/crust. Comes with 8 pages booklet, glossy cover and silver stamp logo.


BSR 007 SKULLCRUSHER “Darkness Falls” CD

SKULLCRUSHER was formed in early 1999 as well. Hail from Malaysia. In early days they were played covered from Discard, Bastard, Anti-Cimex, Masskontroll and of coz’ Discharge. When they hiatus for a few years the music change little bit. With the new guitarist the band still played like they used to play, bit Amebix influence in it make this recording variety of tune. 14 tracks full of heavy and brutal d-beat. Big layout poster size, glossy cover and silver stamp logo.


NDT hail from K-Town, d-beat crustcore of Doom with some metallic elements in an amazing combination. Downtuned, aggressive and violent, the rhythm section is full of energy and moves fast while the vocals are deep low howls with some slow apoclayptric crust intros. Brilliant!! Glossy cover and silver stamp logo.


BSR 009 DISCOVER “Stench Of Death” CD

DISCOVER hail from Sweden. This is split release with Black Konflick Rec.8 new tracks plus 6 cover song from Shitlickers, Doom, BOD, Discard and mighty Disclose!! they put all influence and put into the package raw punk arise!! Make sure play it loud!! Glossy cover plus silver stamp logo. BSR 010 WARVICTIMS – Until Man Exist No More” CASSETTE

D-beat destruction from Sweden. Tape version with 3 extra track taken from their D-Beat Destruction EP.
One of most active band with new releases every season.16 track in total. Glossy sleeve and silver stamp logo as usual.


Other label:

NEVER BUILT RUINS CD (Bulit to love 10″ + demo)

Germany-Switzerland d-beat driven punk engine. Complete track from 10″ and demo collections.


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