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Colour Presents: Epic45, July Skies and Avrocar
Live Music Event
Thursday 29 April, 7.30pm
Tickets: £5
Location: The Victoria, John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BN

Birmingham-based independent promoter Colour announce the latest in our series of live shows at The Victoria, featuring three experimental electronica acts from the fiercely independent Make Mine Music label collective.

The evening will feature full-length sets from all three acts, DJ sets and live visuals selected by both Colour and the artists.
About the Artists

Without doubt one of the most exciting bands in the Midlands, Epic45’s sound deals with the psychology of nostalgia and the impact our surroundings have on our outlook.

Their acclaimed 2007 album May Your Heart Be The Map was a vivid exploration of the British countryside, tinted by childhood memories and the metamorphosis of the seasons, influenced by dramatic post-rock structures and warm acoustic folk. Last year’s In All The Empty Houses explores the resonances of abandoned buildings; the ghosts of past lives and memories that inhabit them as they fall into dilapidation.

Their live show is something else entirely, carrying the nuances of their recordings but with an immediacy that is captivating.

“Tracing emotional reactions to shifting seasons, May Your Heart Be the Map did something new with old materials and gave the Black Country its very own Boards of Canada.” – Word Magazine, Best Albums of the Noughties
July Skies

July Skies is a West Midlands based recording project commenced by Antony Harding in 1997. Sonic resonances of a lost England, faded memories of youth and the grain of Super8 all colour Harding’s evocative soundscapes. The project explores the innocence of youth, where “everything seemed possible – there was a need to capture feelings and a growing interest in exploring towns, villages, ruins, abandoned places and the countryside through sound”.
“Instrumentals and songs [that] recall melancholy ’80s indiepop, shoegazing and the ’70s ambient experiments of Brian Eno.” – The Guardian

One of the most elusive acts in the Midlands, experimental three-piece Avrocar have been recording since the late ’90s, honing a sound shrouded by the ghosts of the future that never was. Spectral guitar, disembodied humanoid voices lost in the ether and creeping electronics that bring to mind Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack, shimmering in the neon light of dystopia.

Avrocar have appeared in session for the late John Peel.

About Colour
For the past four years, Colour have presented leftfield and independent musicians from the Midlands and beyond in intimate settings. Currently calling The Victoria home, Colour have also collaborated with Flatpack Festival 2009, Ikon gallery, Birmingham and Light House media centre, Wolverhampton.
Artists that have previously played Colour include Willy Vlautin of Richmond Fontaine, The Declining Winter (Richard Adams of Hood), It Hugs Back, Charlie Parr and Shady Bard.
“stunning posters and eye-catching visuals back up consistently strong lineups” – Brum Notes