Over the next week the Cubans will be recording a new AA single with Head Producer Si Reeves at Framework Studios – part of the Musoplex family of music lovers.

Please Don’t Start Again is in a style that has got them recognised across the Midlands and beyond as a distinctive indie band that stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

Face to Face will see a slightly heavier leaning with a departure from other material and a bass-driven monster-beat of a song that has been the star of recent live performances.

The success of the last single (now sold out on hard copy but available on iTunes) and the remastered album of earlier work saw them sell out the Little Civic in Dec 2008 and get a joint headline in March 2009 (7th!!) with the legendary reformed Bluetones.

The new single will be released in time for their biggest gig to date but just so you know what you might miss – the review from the Little Civic….
The rise continues…

Early on it was clear to see why they are called The Cubans. The Latin feel to the music, combined with some harder guitar riffs was a unique sound base which instantly draws you to them. Song titles, such as ‘Ron’s last Act’ and ‘Women Tennis’ are especially quirky, and apparently the latter is best not questioned! During the 45 minute set, the band treated us to a first live hearing of new track ‘Flow’ with quick fire vocals and an addictive bass line. Most enjoyable and reflective of range was ‘I Don’t Want To Know’ which had the big boned man in front of me waggling stuff I didn’t need to see, and the whole room bouncing happily. There is a cultural feel to their verses, flattered by catchy choruses and an eclectic mix of influences to ensure each track is different. On stage, the band play as a solid unit, with a clear respect for each other’s input and space. There was great movement by the band and some of the gutsiest bass playing I’ve heard in years. They looked comfortable on stage with a performance that reflected their touring experience, whilst showing no arrogance. Many bands brag to love what they do, but few prove it so intensely. This band is not to be missed!

The culinary delights from Mr Sizzle brought my evening to an end, with The Cuban’s excellence still ringing in my ears. There were many surprises and I give thanks to whoever it was that recommended The Cubans to me. Breaking news is that they are set to headline at The Wulfrun in March, so there’s an opportunity for you, but don’t leave it too late as this band have a reputation for selling out wherever they play. I’ll be front row with my glow sticks.” Meriel Flavell 2008