Anthony Hughes has been a regular face at Music Network Meetings and has worked hard to bring the workings of Digital Central to the table enabling members of the local Music Community to interact, inform strategy and decision making. Thanks to Anthony, Digital Central picked up the bill for teas and coffees at the meetings and thanks to Anthony, when Digital Central closes the Musicians Union will be stepping in to pick up the tab so you can rest assured, teas and coffees will continue to be made available to you all at future meetings.

Anthony has been committed to ensuring that Digital Central has been available at Network meetings to listen to and interact with discussions that have shaped the way people perceive and work within the Midlands based music Industry over the past couple of years. Anthony will be at the next Network Meeting as he rarely misses the opportunity to get a free coffee and chocolate biscuits. Come and find him if you want to know more, he has sent us a message from the frontline and here it is to read for yourself.

“Friends, Romans, Sound engineers…

Dear All, For those of you who don’t know, the Digital Central project is drawing to a close. The last date of my contract and the project is 31st March and I have been informed that the department who contract managed Digital Central for the University no longer wishes to pursue this kind of project.

For the last two years I have worked towards my key objectives I set out at the start of my contract. I have aimed to finally bring together a dialogue between the regions music industry education and the regional development initiatives, providing the music industry with an equal voice at the table of such policy and funding opportunities. Mostly I have managed to achieved this.

I am pleased with the successes I have made and those who I managed to offer support to, whether that be direct funding, support service, in kind support or my time and energy.
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