Download single “Gangster Boogie” and album “Return of the Ruler”

Midlands based Phurry Records releases Dirty Star’s highly acclaimed single “Gangster Boogie” from their up-coming album “Return of the Ruler”, available at all good retailers and downloadable from iTunes now!

Dirty Star (brothers Star and RL) is shining bright and destined to rise fast with this Jazz/Funk and Hip-Hop/Soul fused track featuring top Grime artist Fumin,that will take listeners through the journey of a young man to wannabe gangster, and have them reach for the rewind button time and time again.

Often compared to Prince and Outcast and even hailed as the ‘Black Mick Jagger’ by NME, Star, the 23 years old flamboyant singer-songwriter of Dirty Star says of “Gangster Boogie,”“As the first release from my latest album, I had to bring something a little different to the table and the ‘Gangster Boogie’ track and video have done just that. For this track, I embodied different genres of music to express different feelings and emotions that I feel and see in my everyday life.” 

Gangster Boogie” the first release off “Return of the Ruler”was inspired by a sketch from Chris Rock’s in ‘Bring the Pain’ which Star adapted to a UK perspective and based it around people known to him. With lines like (“…He doesn’t ever wanna go to skool. He says it starts too early its just for fools. So he just stays outside and starts a riot…”), Starreveals something closer to home. Star says, “As a young man, I consider ‘Gangster Boogie’ a true depiction of real life for a majority of youngsters living in UK inner cities.”

Dirty Star has been a refreshing change to the UK urban scene with their organic way of creating music, using some influences of Afrobeat, Funk and Jazz in their sounds, instead of imitating the usual synthesis approach. “We’re more Leftfield, Star explains. It’s all played by us; no outside producers, remixing or anything like that – It’s definitely all us”.

The soon to be video release of “Gangster Boogie”by acclaimed UK director Sheridan De Myers (Revlon, Blak Twang, Pharaoh Monche) isn’t the typical urban video, that sometimes relishes on using booty-shaking women, but quite an innovative piece based on a young women’s journey through struggle and survival in London. 

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Dirty Star
Singer songwriter Star and musician RL are brothers from the Midlands who have been quietly crafting their antidote to the UK’s current urban-pop nightmare. Dirty Star is often compared to Prince, Outkast and NERD and surprisingly Mick Jagger. After releasing their debut record Dirty Star E.P in 2003 a year later they released Dirty Star’s Illphonic (2004)both E.P’s were well received and critically acclaimed. Another Episode was used for The Bertallosophie ffwd vol.4 compilation album released nationwide in Italy by V2 records July/August 2005. The Mad Raven – in Monostereo (2006) was released By Damon Albarn’s label Honest Jons in Japan, USA and Europe. Dirty Star have been supported worldwide by Scanner FM (Spain), Radio-Deejay (Italy), 1xtra (UK), Kiss 100 (UK),Galaxy FM (UK), Juice FM (UK), Kusf FM (San Francisco), Samurai FM(Japan) etc… New single ‘Gangster Boogie’ Features UK Grimes brightest star Fumin. The record is released August 11th 2008 on iTunes and 12″in all good retailers. The video clip was shot by acclaimed uk director Sheridan De Myers (Revlon, Blak Twang, So Solid, Pharoah Monche), it features some actors from Kidulthood and is coming up soon. 

Gangster Boogie (Ft Fumin)  
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