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Ticket Touting: Going, Going, Gone…?

From our man Peter Jenkinson: For as long as there have been restrictions on how many people can enjoy popular public performances, there have been individuals looking to make a quick buck from the disparity between supply and demand. The advent of the internet has however made it easier than ever before for third parties to derive huge profits from the resale of popular concert tickets, with concerns regarding consumer protection and the need for industry remuneration placing this issue firmly on the agenda for ’08.

Arriving hot on the heels of the government’s forthcoming response to January’s select committee report, this think tank will explore the conflicting viewpoints of managers, resale agents, promoters and the general public, asking whether effective self-regulation is desirable or even plausible in the murky world of secondary ticketing?
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Making the Tranzition Music Industry Seminar

Are you looking to start a career within the music industry? Studying music and want to know more about the business? Recently graduated and want to know how to get into work or set up business? The Making the Tranzition Music Industry Seminar is here to help! (& its FREE)

The Making the Tranzition seminar is all about how to make the transition into work or employment within the music industry. Speaking at the seminar will be a selected number of key local music industry figures. They will share with you their stories and experiences within the music industry. Their knowledge will give you an insight into working within the music industry and will help you to make decisions to further your career, increase your own employability and create new work opportunities.

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