Music World Radio. A few words from DJ Readman

This is DJ Readman, broadcasting from Banbury every week, delivering LIVE interviews, either through SKYPE or locations with great songs and new music

Music World Radio is non profit organisation, but lives for music of any style from all over the world and in any language.

The station has its own independent top 20 chart, which has been running for over a year and many artists contribute songs and it seriously does measure who is popular.

Send your music to Music World Radio:


DJ Readman


  1. DJ Readman

    Thanks Mark for putting some of the writeup i sent you on this blog
    Unable to make the meeting, Anything else you want to use, then use it. Its amazing what you can rattle out in 10 minutes :)

  2. Sarah

    I’ve been listening to MWR for years, it is an AWESOME interactive internet station with live presenters daily from all over the globe! You can chat or just kick back and listen, either way it’s a great time and a great way to get to know music from all over genre and time!

    I’ve heard several bands from Birmingham on there too! Great stuff!!

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Magick

    Oh nice one – thanks for the mention, and indeed we’re always happy to play and plug new and unsigned music in all genres.

  4. samuel Codjoe

    You must check this link outhttp:


    Sam Codjoe


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