• Music World Radio is proud to announce that Seth Faergolzia, mastermind of the band Dufus, will be appearing live on the Magickal Mayhem show this coming Tuesday 19th October, in a special show dedicated to his work with both Dufus and related projects.

    The fun starts at 5pm Eastern USA timezone (that's 10pm UK time – check for 'Magick' on the schedule at http://www.musicworldradio.com/index.php?id=schedule for your local times) …and is broadcast live, worldwide, for free, with no registration required.

    Seth will be interviewed and available to respond listeners' questions for the whole two hour show, and will also be performing some of his songs live on the show – you can even watch him perform on the station webcam stream!

  • Legalize Cannabis Protest in Victoria Square , Birmingham City Centre.
    6th November 1pm – 4pm
    There will be speakers present and press

    The idea behind the day is to promote the Legalization on Cannabis for medical or any other use.

    We are asking that everyone brings one pre-rolled "herbal cigarette" and nothing else illegal. At 1:30pm we plan to all light up together infront of the press to promote our cause.

    Obviously there may be a police presence and obviously they may take action, however if you feel strongly enough about your right to smoke cannabis, we feel that the punishment will be insignificant in regards to the amount of good we will do for the cause.

    We are looking to book a few famous speakers and encourage you all to bring your posters, banners and anything you think will help promote our cause.

    more details will follow but please, if you believe you have a right to use Cannabis, come along and show your support. Pass this on.