This was alphabetty possessionetti U and V.

UB40,  Signing Off  (Graduate)
Ugly Noize Incorporated,  Bomber (Chapter 22)
Umwelt, Mogul Project (Satamile)
Underground Cartel, Seconds Out (New Dawn)
Underworld vs Futureshock, Cowgirl (JBO)
Undivided Attention, In a Change to the Scheduled Programming (Hairy Parents)
Urban Shakedown, Some Justice (Urban Shakedown)
DJ Vadim, Unbreakable (Ninja Tune)
Valvola, An Audio Obstacle Course (SHADO)
Vert, Schpountz! (Sonig)
Luke Vibert and BJ Cole,  Aahfternoon (Cooking Vinyl)
Volcano the Bear, Where are the Bounds? (Pickled Egg)

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r+eb, 133 Green End Road, Cambridge, CB4 1RW, UK
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