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  1. Hey, I’m in a new’ish Brummie hard-rock three-piece band called One Notch Up, I’m trying to book us as a support band in Brum. So far we’re playing The Flapper on th 13th of November. Can you help or offer me any advice.

    Hope alls well with you, regards, Dave Swift.

  2. Hey,
    Young rock n roll band trying to book a short tour round UK and was wondering if there were any gigs in late July/August time for us and a support? Or if there was anywhere we can contact at all??
    Hope life’s good in these crap times!!
    Speak soon, Stay Lucky,
    Year Of The Thief.

  3. Hello, We are an Indie rock band based between the UK and France. We have got some local promoters we have been working with in Cambridge but are looking to branch out to other cities. We are now organising our UK summer gigs and will be playing just outside Birmingham (the White Lion Pub in Hampdon-in-Arden) on the 3rd of June, if any of your promoters would like to come and meet us and check out our music live. We are looking for Birmingham gigs around then, could you help us?
     Please let us know if this is of interest to you or if you would like more information.


  4. Greetings

    To whom it may concern.

    I am writing on behalf of Soweto Entsha.

    A most incredible journey from Soweto to the “Casino de Paris”.

    It all started with some a capella song performed in a small restaurant in their neighborhood to a French tour doing the first part of a world-renowned show (African Footprint) and ended with the release of their first CD: the story of Morgan, Lwazi, Jabu and Zensele look like one of a fairy tale. To the difference that this is pure reality.

    Flashback. Less that two years ago, their scene was the streets of the township with no other perspective than basking for a few rands and no fame. Their only antidote to poverty, unemployment, violence, delinquency and boredom was singing. An ode to life, for the four friends motivated by their faith. Since childhood, every Sunday without failing their united voices celebrated the Gospel that they had listened to and sang in the choir of their school and to church.

    And then… One day in July 2008, fate provided an unexpected hand. That of a French producer. Curious enough to abandon central Johannesburg (where he had come to organize the upcoming tour of African Footprint in France) to discover another reality of South Africa, one of the townships. A stop in a small local restaurant, and suddenly they were there before him, no other instrument than their vocal cords and their hands to give the beat to a “Welcome to Soweto”, in exchange of a small tip in return. Far from knowing that the four friends had just won a ticket to a dream beyond all expectation.

    Indeed, for Nicolas Ferru that was it the four young boys will be performing as the first part of African Footprint in Paris and during the entries French tour that was taking place three months later. Three months of hard work for the members of what was to become “”Entsha Soweto”. They had to expand their repertoire, work on their singing skills, and their choreography … The challenge was phenomenal.

    Converted try! From their return of the six weeks tour across the hexagon, galvanized by the incredible journey they had just experienced, and coached locally by Colette, a friend of Nicolas Ferru. Colette, their mentor, their conscience, their fairy godmother. It is her that guides them in their musical choices, when the project of the CD was finally materialised, her that found a recording studio where the eleven titles were recorded.

    It was in Paris that the album was mixed just before their return for a second tour with African Footprint in March 2010. With the added value of a first CD filled with captivating vocal melodies and strong of their past experience the quartet is moving and captivating, the children of Soweto talented performers are the messengers of hope, they are communicating with happiness their love of Africa to their new audience. Simply breathtaking!

    It will be a great pleasure and opportunity to become part of your entertainment structure.


    Makavelli Cavella

  5. Hey, My name is Sarah and I am 16 years old. I am very interested in becoming a concert promoter and wondered whether there are is any oppurtunity of become an assistant. This will enable me to understand more about concert promotion and gain knowledge.


  6. Hi, we’re a rock/pop band – around 22 years old – from Cheltenham. Looking for gigs supporting established acts with music in a similar vein to ours in and around th local area. Prepared to travel provided backline can be shared (inc drums and amps – minus breakables). If anyone wants to gig swap; send us a link!


  7. hello, I am writting from a spanish metal-grindcore DIY band from spain, we are looking for a gig in birmingham in a tour that we are planning for 6-7-8 december. any help would be brilliant. Thanks a lot in advance, I just hope this can work out!!

  8. Johnny Normal is a post-punk synth-rock act from the West Midlands and we are looking for an experienced promoter/manager who can assist our world domination plan.

    We have performed with/supported Blancmange, Altered Images, Nash the Slash, TenPole tudor, Mister Hudson, and regularly opened for Adam Ant during his 2010-2012 UK tours.

    Currently recording a new album, gigging and collaborating with a number of acts and producing a promo video for another artist.

  9. I’m writing to you on behalf of my band Carousel Circus.
    “With no place to go and no bricks to call home, we all found each other so no-one was alone. Now we dance and sing ’till the sunrise again, to the circus we ran like the blood through our veins”

    What started as a dream has evolved to be a travelling, working circus full of adventure and camaraderie. 2012 has seen a folk, country and blues explosion right from the heart of England.

    Young, old and in-between audiences are becoming electrified by heart-on-the-sleeve songs. Melodies steeped in tradition, performed with passion and delivered in a modern tongue. Carousel Circus are a hard-working and established 7-piece band, drowning in imagination yet sailing with a fresh solitary charm.

    Having performed their music supporting many an established name (including Ocean Colour Scene, Levellers, N-Dubz, Juan Zelada, The Rifles, Example, Bez (Happy Mondays), Kill the Young and Hawkwind) the Circus have also treaded the boards at some great venues, such as Birmingham Symphony Hall, London Islington Academy and Liverpool’s Cavern Club. In addition to this tracks such as “Dandelions & Fairies” and “I Aint Gonna Go Back” have also found airplay as part of the BBC’s Introducing program and Kerrang! Radio hosted the band for a live performance as part of the breakfast show.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon


  10. Hello. My name is Christopher Holmes and I’m an American Christian singer and songwriter. I would LOVE to bring my music to the UK!!!! I would even like to tour and live there as well. Check me out at and my number is 1-334-538-2566. I KNOW my songs will be a HIT in the UK!!!!!!!!!

  11. hey man, im just curious to see if you have any available slots in your upcomming gigs you are running in swindon!?

    to check my band its:

  12. Dear Folklore Friend
    is with a good intention we send this mail to you probably we are a
    proffesional group from Africa looking for contract Event for a rish
    cultural exchange spacialy fetshism Vodou and black power from the
    black divinity we do not
    pay any money for participation all the time the organizer take care
    to our Visas, plane tickets from Africa to the place accomodation and
    payement to the group in the end of the contract
    waithing hearing you soon we send our best regard to you
    Ametoglo Eklu president Fonder of ( Ensenble Nukunu )
    Bp 60505
    Tel 00228 90045812 /, 99447252
    Lome Togo west Africa

  13. Son of Norman Hassan UB40….Available for bookings and Support Act Contact inbox

  14. Hi my name is Richard i have a venue i would like to use for live events in Birmingham city centre Digbeth, Its a 1500 capacity warehouse style venue with great production value, any promoters looking for a good size venue to use please contact me.

    check out our link on what we do

  15. We are known as ukulele theatre we play songs from many decades including All of me , space oddity , golden brown , raindrops , stray cat strut beatles,and much much more a very entertaining act and of course all on ukulele. email ukulele / twitter @ukuleletheatre / youtube /ukuleletheatre

    • Things have moved on quite a bit since this post,
      Ukulele Theatre have released tunes on itunes spotify amazon and many more
      also played some of their ‘Beatles Sessions’ tunes live at The Cavern liverpool
      much of the music now added to youtube including videos of ever fallen in love and monkey man filmed around the jewelry quarter birmingham.

    • the e-mail address should have been one word…

  16. Booking Agency Pro is the leading booking agency software for music industry artists and professionals. Entertainment business tool allows booking agency’s to easily book, contract, route and manage booking agency’s business.

  17. Hi there,

    For all you budding guitarists out there, I`m a guitar teacher from Cradley Heath offering studio lessons and from January 2014, I will be offering group lessons from Birmingham City Centre. Let`s get tearing up the fretboard!

    Hi just leaving a quick message here. The STACKS have a new EP out and are looking for bands in Birmingham that share a similar taste to gig with.
    Find us on:

    Drop me and email.
    Kind Regards

  19. My name is whatmore muchuwe I’m a song writer and I also compose songs I play thumb piano( mbira) and teach practical nots of mbira and tuning .I also have the knowledge of fusing this mbira instrument and any other typ of instrument in any type of song .I’m looking for any kind of promotion to uplift my talent or any advise that can help me

  20. hey, if anyone wants a top quality classic rock and blues covers band then check out Tentwoten on facebook.. They are based in the midlands and are the best 4 piece classic rock band around.

  21. anyone want a support band, we play fuzz rock! message

  22. Dear Folklore Friend
    Is with a big pleasur we send this request to you after wishing you
    all the best of 2014
    we are a international professional, traditional,artistique, cultural
    and folklorique dancing and singing group ( Ensemble Nukunu ) from
    Togo west Africa realy want a creativ maneger in all over the world
    capable to organize with some sponsors many bussines folklore circuit
    spectacle or perfpmance trow the world for a rish cultural exchange
    specialy black African fetishism Vodou Africa power for the black
    divinity we are looking for contract bussines folklore circuit not
    paying festival fee our budget no permet us to pay anithing we will
    send you one of our video cd after hearing you
    waithing hearing you soon we send our best regard to you
    Ametoglo Eklu president fonder of Ensemble Nukunu group
    Bp 60505
    Tel 00228 90045812 / 99447252
    Lome Togo west Africa

  23. hello. me and ‘a skin for a canvas’ are trying to get our tour booked for august. we are trying really hard to get this tour booked up and well, a lot of promoters havnt replied. we are looking for dates in; leeds, manchester, sheffield, birmingham, bristol, plymouth, weymouth/bournemouth, southampton, london and norwhich. these are the cities which won the facebook poll i had set up and can garantee that people will come. the tour is to promote my debut ep out soon ‘footprints’ we are willing to sacrifice some cities for other cities if nessasary. if you have any dates in august you can offer us that would be amazing so i can book up. looking at starting at leeds and ending in norwhich, in the order i wrote the cities in. if you cant help us out with dates, but know promoters in other cities or contacts you would wish to share, that would also be a massive help. booking this up is proving to be very stressful, but im hoping a few kind hearted souls will be willing to help. we are both acoustic, and would like local support to open the shows. also any deals you can give us on things like being fed, fuel and somewhere to shower/crash whilst we are on tour would be great. thank you for your time and i hope to see some replies soon. many thanks ollie.

  24. Band Wanted for Artist

    I am looking for players that would go to hell and back to ensure that tings get done right.

    Benefit Concert
    Peace Vigil for victims of conflict

    Music lovers only.

    Hi we thought you might like our new song and video so give it a listen if you get the chance! Thanks. X

  26. My name is Henry Bristow, I am lead singer for a Alternative/Rock band called The Ellipsis. We were BBC CW’s band of the month in January and played on their introducing stage at Wychwood Festival this year. We were invited to the AIM Independent Music Awards 2014 and have done several gigs around the Coventry area. We are now looking for bigger and more prestigious gigs and anyone who can help us grow.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Henry Bristow.


  27. Hello,

    My names Paul. I’m contacting you on behalf of my band Yellow Creatures. We’re a Newcastle based post punk band and we’re currently looking for gigs outside our home city. We also put gigs on in Newcastle so we’ll be happy to do a gig swap with anyone who is interested!

    Please find the link to our bandcamp. We’re currently promoting our second EP and would be really grateful if you have a listen.

    Much appreciated,


    We are a Birmingham based band looking for bookings for the next 6 months.
    We quite established with our own equipment, recording and rehearsal space. We do original music and also covers from artists such as Bob Marley, Maxi Priest, sugar minot, Jesse J,and many more.

  29. Hi we are Get Loose a three piece original Rock/Blues band from Oxfordshire. we are looking to some support slots in Birmingham. Any advice, or contacts would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  30. Hi!
    I play in a Swedish rockband called Unwritten Hymns.
    We would like to book some gigs around UK but dont have any Contacts.. 🙁
    Maybe someone of you could help us out!?

    Check out our Music on spotify:


  31. Hello there all, Im Harry and im trying to get supporting gigs for my band Moonshine. We’ve done about 7 gigs over the last year, but we want to start gigging as much as possible. Check out our music and if theres anything available for us i would greatly appreciate an email. Cheers alot 🙂

  32. Hi,

    My name is George Cairns. I am part of a 5 piece rock n roll band called ‘Bonamalis’ from Stoke-on-Trent. We have been together for 2 years now, and play our local venues week in week out. We have also played ‘The ruby lounge’ in Manchester, ‘Zanzibar’ in Liverpool but are looking to get gigs elsewhere. We have been on our local bbc introducing radio station. I was wondering if you could help us to get any gigs in your area?

    Here is the link to our 4 songs that we have recorded and uploaded on soundcloud.

    If there is anything you can help us with don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Hope to hear from you soon


  33. Hi there,

    I am from Midlands based band “Lady Grey”. We’re looking to gig to promote our music in preparation for our upcoming E.P. due for release in March. We are trying to broaden our fan base and we hoped you may be able to offer us some dates that we may be best suited too.

    we were formed in November 2014, soon found our trademark sound. With a blend of 80’s power synth, modern indie, rock, single note delicacies, and haunting harmonies. We fuse a variety of tastes to create the unique music we love.

    Please check out or YouTube channel linked below along with our Facebook page. Be great to to hear back from yourselves. Thanks for your time!

    Kind Regards

    Facebook –
    Official Website –
    Twitter – @ladygreymusic
    YouTube –

    Sent from my iPhone

  34. MULLET – Are DEFINITELY NOT THE AVERAGE metal band you see every night of the week on the UK music scene.

    We would very much like to work with you, so if you could please spend a couple of  valuable minutes or more to check out our UNIQUE LOOK and music on our website – we hope you will find what you see there interesting.

    MULLET are a complete self-sufficient professional outfit that include a bespoke lighting rig as well as the usual refinements of a band with getting on for 100 years of combined on-the-road experience.

    We thank you in advance and look forward to hearing back from you.


  35. Hello. We are Band Trio “Theatre” Formed by Di.Diamond Vocal, Guitar V.Revitsky and Dj Ispanets. Style music trance ,edm, elecrrto dance, eletro sound pop music. We play our original songs and our music realises under c.c licence copiright( all right reserved) Songs wrote Di.Diamond with producers from Europe and U.S.A Work with records labels our songs have rotation in radio stations like Streetlinkradio U.S.A Philadelphia. We be glad work with your booking agency.?

  36. Hello,

    I’d very much like some experience assisting with artist management, and I wonder if anyone would be able to facilitate this in any way?

    Kind regards,

  37. Hi guys, please check out up and coming West Midlands based rock band Brothers Of The Moment, they are looking for gigs in and around the Birmingham area. Thanks!

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