Instrumental Jazz quartet led by Andy Derrick contact or phone 07595 663966 for details on booking, gigs etc.

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  1. The Exilion are a progressive metal band based around Birmingham. We are open to bookings in 2012 and beyond.

  2. New Album All the things you know to be true to be released soon preview on

  3. Hello all. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you through your reply’s page.

    My name is Barny Evans and I have a small community based Music school in Birmingham.

    I am looking for Tutors/Mentors to join my school, if this is not for you maybe you could pass it on to someone who might be interested.
    I am open to talk to anyone from any type of Music genre and from any country.

    You will be Tutor/Mentor from an easy to follow lesson plan to young adults and older people musical riffs that you already know and some you will be asked to learn.
    Along with this you will be expected to talk to your students about how life is when you sign your first record deal (no matter how many records where released and in what country) tell them how it feels to gig before a crowd of people.
    I am not looking only for people who teach music to university standard, I am also looking for people who have past real life experience in the music business.
    This is a great way to pass on what you know; we are looking for people who worked in the music biz from the 70s onwards.
    Position is part time but could lead to full time work for the right people.
    Good money to be earned for the right people.
    Mainly evenings and weekends.
    For further info contact Barny Evans 07512 474 950 or by email.

  4. Carvalho’s Album All the things you know to be true? availabale on Itunes

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