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Don’t wait for The Music Network to find you, get in touch and come to our next monthly meeting.

If you would like to share any News, Views, Recommendations or Links with The Music Network, here’s how to do it.

1. Come to our Monthly Networking Meeting on the last Thursday of each month, 4-6pm at Birmingham City University, Millennium Point, Birmingham, B4 7XG.

The Monthly Networking Meeting is an ideal place to present your information and meet others who will be doing the same. If you have news to report, a presentation to give, an event to promote, any new points for discussion, a pitch to make, business cards or flyers to hand round, or if you wish to make an appeal for help, advice or guidance then the meeting could be useful to you. Any points raised in the meeting will be included in the minutes and posted to the site and you will meet plenty of interested people who may want to question you further or get involved.

2. Join us on Twitter or Facebook or subscribe to our RSS Feed

3. Send in your Links – email us your Links with a brief two or three line description for each one. Links will be bookmarked and shared.

4. Send us your recommendations for our Local Music Video playlist.

5. Guest Bloggers – You can email your News, Information, thoughts or ideas. Send 250 words or more (text plus any links) and any photos or flyers or pictures (jpeg) with your contact details and a link to your own site or relevant page. Be aware that anything you send in may be reproduced on the website in an unedited form. So check your spelling.

6. Get your Gig Listed – The Music Network imports all gig listings by RSS feed from Live Brum. Please send your gig listings to Live brum and they will ensure your gigs are put into the system Please submit event information to events at

7. Do your research – Trying to start any business without researching your potential market is the first mistake. Market research needs to be an integral, ongoing part of your business’ development. Many people just seem to do whatever they feel like doing – without bothering to do any market research at all. Start your research here

8. Work Experience – If you are over 18 and looking for work experience in the music industry get in touch


  1. I am a work placement coordinator for Birmingham Metropolitan College. My role is to find voluntary work placements for my students. I have a student who wishes to gain work experience at Blue Whale Studios. Could you contact me to discuss this further?
    0121 360 3543 ext 2271

  2. Hi my name is Natalie Lyon and am owner of a arts, health and educational studio based in Birmingham city centre. We would like to open our facilities as a venue for musicians to rehearse, hold gatherings and use our studios for their work. If this is something of need and interest please check our website for further details. 0121294 4666
    The Misfitted Hub 71 Smallbrook Queensway B5 4HX

    Holding workshops is also a possibility and will fit in well with our current offering.

    • Hello Natalie
      It seems to be impossible to have access to your website.
      I will contact you for eventual workshops to take place.
      Brigitte Kleb
      Step By Step Entertainment

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