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  1. Hi,
    Got your details from Andrew Dubber.

    Private & Confidential.
    We do not know if this is possible, but, as I said earlier, we need some advice.
    Can you help us out here?
    Looking forward to any information/guidance you can give us.

  2. Hey,
    Could you possibly put up a post asking any females if they would like to possibly contribute towards my dissertation “Gender in the music industry”


  3. Yo dudes, we really love Birmingham and what it has to offer for music.

    We’re an independent band and have a great story (ASBOs, arrests, fines, gear confiscations etc), an interesting sound and an original style even if we do say so ourselves.

    Our album ‘City of Patience’ is
    available for streaming on Spotify etc, and can also be heard by
    following this link:

    We’d love for you to check us out and let us know what you think, you can find out
    more about us at


  4. Hi guys!
    I’m a local songwriter and I’m looking for a producer to collaborate with to form a killer dance act.

    In 2009 I was singer/songwriter for midlands club act “Bassland” and with my material we reached no.2 in the myspace club chart! I’m now looking to take this project to the next level and am looking for a producer to work directly with on this project.

    If interested please check out samples at and drop me a message if interested!

  5. Hi there,

    Just to let you know of the following concert happening in Stourbridge this Saturday 3rd December.

    Amazing Acoustic concert with Richard Keogh and his band Talking Trees featuring original songs and well known covers,.latest album Waking Dream on 77 records, available on i tunes

    The concert is being held at The Bonded Warehouse, Canal Street,
    Stourbridge, DY8 4LU, from 7.30-10 pm.

    Tickets £10, limited to 150,you can pay on the door. To book send cheques payable to R.Keogh,

    to 1 Clewshaw Cottage, Clewshaw Lane, Wythall, B38 OEE, or email:

    All proceeds are going to his award-winning charity, he co-founded with his Partner Sue, called the Animal Healing Trust (

    Talk to Richard personally for any further questions, or indeed a photo opportunity, which he would love on:07930 383522

    Many thanks,

    Carrie Eddins on behalf of the Animal Healing Trust xxx

  6. We have created a London Music Mapp app and would love to do the same for birmingham. Who is the perdson running the music initiatives at Birmingham council?

  7. We are looking for bands to enter our battle of the bands competition at clifton road youth centre, sutton coldfield. Bands must be between 13 and 20 years old and the deadline to enter is the end of February for more information just drop me an email to


  8. Hello all,

    I am studying 3rd year Music Composition in Coventry University, and we need to put on an event. In order for us to do this, I and my associate need funding. The venue is asking around £300 and for our viva we need to write up about applying for money. Here’s the question…

    Does anyone know of anywhere to apply for a grant/fund for an independent art event within Birmingham? This event needs to be done and dusted within the first two weeks of May 2012…

    Please contact me if anyone knows of any leads, thanks,


  9. I’m currently trying to put together a Uk tour for Bolton indie rock n roll band Cardinal Saviour. I’m looking to get in touch with a local promoter who may be able offer a venue or support slot with a local band. You can check our stuff on the web site.


  10. Hi, I am a young person aspiring to get into the music industry, I am currently studying computers, just to give me a slight chance of getting into the industry, If there is any one out there who is willing to take on a trainee within the music industry, please let me know.

    Thank you

  11. Hi guys,

    Would it be possible to add us on the rehearsal studios in Birmingham please?

    We’d happy put a link on our website. Thanks rich

  12. Mothers Ruin ex Heavy Pettin playing the Birmingham Roadhouse May 20th.

  13. Music Industry Work Wanted……
    I am an enthusiastic and hard working Female looking for work within the Music Industry. I have over 7 years experience in all areas of Administration and office work and an NVQ 2 in Business Administration. I also manage a dance group and have many years experience in this area and the Creative/Music industry and I will be a great asset to a company.

  14. looking for a record deal

  15. Hi there , do you know of someone who may have a broadcast desk that can record the occasional telephone interview on a pre-arranged basis?

  16. Hello Guys,

    The Irrepressibles is performing in Birmingham on the 20th June at the The Rainbow with an electronic set.
    We have the tickets are at £12.50 because it is a self managed tour without support of label or publisher.
    Please support us and I hope to see you there.
    Please forward to your friends if you think they may be interested by the eclectic music of The Irrepressibles!


    PS: let me know if you are coming so we can meet after for a drink!

    “ELECTRO NUDE” is the new live show by THE IRREPRESSIBLES; it is an electronic re-imagining of their previous distinctive performances. McDermott’s vocals are set to epic electro soundscapes, accompanied live by The Irrepressibles’ drumming duo IAN TRIPP and JAMES FIELD on electronic kits, and their pianist SARAH KERSHAW on synths and live tubular bells. It is a display that features powerful choreography, bold new costumes, a runway-lit catwalk and sound activated lights with iconic mirror ball effects. Music performed consists of beat-heavy new tracks from The Irrepressibles’ forthcoming album “NUDE” including “Arrow”, and yet to be released singles “ New World ”, and “Tears of a Clown”. There will also be live performances of remixes of tracks by from MIRROR MIRROR and new tracks by other electronic music artists featuring McDermott’s vocals set for release this year. More details of these to be announced. The group will also perform electro-choral numbers “Spy Super Hero” and “FINALE” from their opera with Hotel Pro Forma “WAR SUM UP”.

    We are very excited to announce support from Berlin based band…


    “straddling between performance art and electronic music” Artrocker

    20th JUNE 2012

  17. 26 year old female looking to be a promoter, agent in the west midlands. I have the sales skills a fantastic CV. I have written in NME comps, Know a lot of bands, would be confident to get out and about, on the phones arranging gigs, recruiting new talent and making money for a reputable company! I would do for free to show willing as I want this opportunity! Especially I have the music passion.

    • We’re always looking for people who can help us out! You can find us all over the place (youtube, facebook, bandcamp etc) – Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos – carnival punk band at odds with current music trends with an enthusiastic fan base and an endearing work ethic – released debut album this year, toured Europe in November and played many UK festivals over the summer. If you like what you see, get in touch via our fb page. Cheers, johnny K

    • we a Mbira Music groupbased in Zimbabwe we are looking for a promoter to organise a tour for us in the UK,

    • Hi
      we a Mbira Music group frm zimbabwe based in south africa are looking for a promoter to organise a tour for us in the UK, Eruo

      Shava Mbira band in south africa
      Our African mbira vibe,hope to play our best african music there 2016

      > *Kind Regards,Lazarus,
      > Shava Mbira band
      > For More text us Mobile +27 789989229

  18. Is it possible for Mark to call me on 01437721133 or 07977144569.

  19. Hi there,

    Please find our webpage for Led into Zeppelin

    We are currently taking booking for 2013/14

    Our show includes note perfect renditions of all the classic Zeppelin songs including a fantastic acoustic section, we also have 1970s replica custom made outfits to match!

    The members of Ledintozeppelin are all seasoned musicians who have been chosen for their professionalism and musical ability .

    We are honoured to have Matt Steele on board who plays for Jamiroquai and the Brand New Heavies.
    We are without question the best sounding / lookalike tribute to Zeppelin in Europe.

    Any further information you may need, please feel free to contact me on 07875 139 657.

    Kindest regards,

    David Holt.

  20. I am a Birmingham musician and filmmaker.
    Here’s a recent example of my work. Any help or suggestions for getting a bit more in the way of exposure would be great 🙂

  21. dear sir/madame

    i am planning to host an event that will help young aspiring performers become discovered and i was wondering if you had a representative that could come along to the event and view some of the music and hopefully sign some off them

    kind regards
    Miss Fatou Njie

  22. Hi,, You covered Elainee in your paper, she is now using her name on twitter elaineepresley and not elaineelondon ,or just Elainee, can you update that in your paper, so that she is still covered if ok. Thank You Stef Admin at Presley


    July 11, 2013 at 11:27 am


    CONTACT ME AT 07405196361 OR MY EMAIL


    NIGHTINGALES + Horse Feathers
    + support + djs
    Adderley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham
    0121 772 1403
    8pm, £6
    Disabled access

    “The new album by Nightingales is brilliant. One of the fiercest and most exhilarating rock records I’ve heard in ages.”
    Andrew Male, MOJO

  25. Hi guys, My band the Glassguns are currently booking a UK tour and are going to be in the midlands on the weekend of September the 27th . As we are over that way to support Medina Lake at Coventry’s Kasbah on Sunday the 29th. We are looking to book a couple more shows for Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th. Long story short we could do with a little advice from you about what venues may have any nights on that weekend that require a live rock band and would consider us for the bill.

    king regards

  26. Good evening,
    We are Bituin (colombian quartet of “latinomerican experimental music”). We are very interested of showing our music in Europe and having more information about what you do in Little Big.
    Here is our web site:
    Thanks a lot:

    Video Links
    • “El Surco” (Chabuca Granda):
    • Sound Recording of “El Pastor” (Miguel Aceves):
    • “Noche Cruda” (Juanita Añez):
    ? Festina Lente Discos:

    Band Profile:
    Bituin is a band that recreates traditional Hispano-American songs with a non-traditional format (bass, drums and two voices). A creative use of two voices, plus the communication and freedom of the instruments that accompain them, has been interesting for music and art lovers since 2010.
    After being invited to the 2011 and 2012 versions of the “Ibague Jazz Festival” in Colombia, this band from Bogota receives the first prize of the competitions “Bogotá Tiene Talento 2011” and “Metropolitan Jazz 2011” organized by The Goethe Institut and the French Alliance. In November 2011, the brothers (Santiago and Daniel de Mendoza) and sisters (Juanita and Valentina Añez) of Bituin, release their CD “Paisaje Abierto”. In 2013 Bituin clasifies to perform at the open-air festival “Jazz al Parque” and in the competition “Jóvenes Intérpretes 2014”.

  27. we are a mbira music band based in Zimbabwe. we are looking for a promoter to organise a tour in the uk . we are willing to play in clubs too.

  28. Hi

    My name is Chris white and i was wondering if it would be possible to
    gain some work experience of some form to test my skills that i have
    learnt at university and to overall get some feed back on what I
    doing. i would really appreciate this and look forward to hearing from

    Thanks for your time



    P.S would it also be possible to have some information on the meetings
    that are held at bcu ? i would really love to tag along to one to meet
    you all.

  29. Hi there, I am getting married in May 2015 in Cyprus and I would love to record mine and my partners wedding song. I have always loved singing and been in shows/choirs and would also be happy to get involved with other singers/song writers. Can anyone help me to record (everything I do, I do it for you) by Bryan Adams.

    Thank you

    • Base Studios, Unit 14, Gainsborough Industrial Estate, Rufford Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY9 7ND
      07976 843718. They will help you.

  30. Hello there.
    Live at the Actress and Bishop, Birmingham on the first Sunday of each month, the best tribute to ska and two tone, ‘Skabucks’ headline their ska sunday. Free entry and one hell of a show. Come and support a brilliant venue that is working hard to regain it’s live music reputation. Many thanks.

  31. Joanna Walker

    June 15, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    Hello from Jamaica, i am seeking to market myself internationally.
    I am an independent artist and I Have several singles you can view via
    I do Reggae, R&B,Jazz and reggae fusion. I am a natural,i am
    currently singing within the Hotels as a cabaret artist,i do cocktails
    and wedding but i need to fly.

    Warmest Regards

  32. We are running a Music Education Training course in Birmingham for Teachers specialist and non-specialist. Please could you contact us so we can send you a flyer. If you’re interested in booking please visit our Eventbrite page:
    Best wishes,
    The Voices Foundation Team

  33. Hi Birmingham Music Network,

    I would like to make contact with you for the purpose of introducing you to Songwall, who we are, what we do etcetera. Please take a look at our website, there are some upcoming events that I would like to discuss with you!

    Kind Regards

    Nick Crane

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